First Show
After owning / restoring the 69 for 26 years finally made it to its first show. Just a local one
in early September in our home town. Still have some mechanical / electrical bugs to work
out but just happy it made it there and home. Drink_to_that
COOL!  Cool 

Hey Black Jade,

Nice picture!  It must feel great to finally show your car.  I bet you got a lot of compliments.

What was really nice was seeing the younger kids stop to look at it. I've been worried that the youngsters
aren't into old cars but there are still some out there. The best was watching people I know reaction to
telling them this car has always been hers and how happy she is to be back to a manual 4 speed. (her high
school car was a 65 289 3 speed). Her excitement to finally getting the stripes on was rewarding in itself.
You're lucky to have a wife that loves a stick as mine does. Mine just gave up her 2008 Mustang with a stick. At 58 years old, and taking 2 granddaughters to school each day, the stick wasn't as much fun as it used to be. So reluctantly she gave it up. She now have a Ford Fusion. I was sad to give up the Mustang,as well. But I still got my Truck with a 5 speed!  

By the way I see a "Cubbie" Hat on your head???  I'm originaly from Kankakee Il. Just curious where you are. 

We only owned and drive sticks in my family!  When I buy a new car I always tell the salesperson it must be a manual transmission vehicle and they respond, why?  I tell them because I do not know how to drive an automatic.  It's an awkward moment! Notallthere
Gorgeous car with happy-faced owners - pictures don't get much better than that!   Drink_to_that

I am happy that my daughter's 65 is a stick and she wouldn't have it any other way!

I have got to get back to work on it!
I am in central Iowa. No professional teams what so ever. So I have been a lifelong Minnesota Vikings fan
and as a kid my hero was Johnny Bench ( since I was a catcher through my youth baseball career) so naturally
I was a Cincinnati Reds fan. However being able to watch the triple A Iowa Cubs as much as my family does
you just are kind of drawn in to the fan base and team, so I have been a Cubs fan for about 25 years now.
The 5 of us went to a cubs game in Cincinnati last August and my other 4 (wife and 3 kids) had their Cubs
jerseys on and I went with my Bench jersey. Guy behind says are you sitting with the rest of your family here?
I say yep. He says looks like no matter how this game turns out its going to be family feud then isn't it? Laughing

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