What happened?
Is everybody elses page different to how it used to be?
we upgraded our forums to the newest version, when we do that for security, they change the design choices. so its usually when I like to make changes. I bought a 70 Fastback so Im going to back around again :)
Ive already posted newer articles and tech stuff.
Big Grin 
Oh Boy another change to get used to! LOL!  I guess you got to, but man it's tough on us computer illiterate folks! LOL!  Good to see you back Joe. I was beginning to wonder if you were ever coming back? Very glad you did as it's been kinda quiet, without you. Waiting to see the pics of the Mach 1??? Thumbup

Nice job with the site, I like the new look.  Originally, I thought we were hacked by the Russians or something silly like that.  I am looking forward to seeing pics of your 1970 fastback.  I am sure everyone has seen enough of my Fairlane.
Hey Joe your gonna make it look like a Mach1. Right???
Welcome back.

We can live with the changes if they keep the site clean.

I am looking forward to the new 1970 Sportsroof story.

Thanks for the work.

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