'03 Mach 1 starter issue
Pulled the TR3650 out of my '03 Mach 1, 3rd and 4th synchros shot, replaced it with a rebuilt TR3650. Starter is now grinding when you try to start it, it will start and grind for a few seconds and then stop. Had no issues before. Tried a brand new starter and same thing. Flywheel is fine, no missing/chipped teeth. Can't figure out why it is doing this when it was perfectly fine before. The block plate was missing when we tore it apart, it only had a small piece of it surrounding the starter, it now has a complete plate. This is the only difference. Flywheel was not removed. Stumped.
Are you absolutely sure the Rebuilt trans has the same bellhousing? Or is it detachable, and the original one from the car. If so I think I'd remove the engine plate, and put the piece back in, and see what happens. I concede that it shouldn't be causing a problem, but when things get worn a certain way. Sometimes it may be impossible to correct them, easily that is. I'm kinda stumped as it shouldn't be having an issue if everything is the same??? Give us some more info and we'll think a little harder. 

So now the relationship between the starter and ring gear has changed.  The starter is now closer to the ring gear by the thickness of the separator plate.  Leaving your new complete separator plate installed, can you temporarily put that small piece of separator plate back in?  Thus, spacing the starter away from the ring gear a little more.  If my thinking is correct, that should put the starter to ring gear relation back to what it was before.  Somebody double check my reasoning.
That could be enough to do it.


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