Hard to switch from AT to manual?
I have a 72 Mach 1 351CJ, 4 speed, AC, project car.  I have a chance to trade for a similar condition 69 Mach 1 with a 351W auto.  I dont want an automatic but always wanted a 69 Mach 1.  How difficult is it to change out from AT to manual?  Parts easy to find?  Hanging pedals really difficult.  Other things to consider??

Wow, now if you were going into a 71 or 73 you'd be ok as they are the same up under the dash. But going back into a 69" The pedal assembly's are not compatible. So you'll have to find a 69 or 70 to rob the pedal assembly off of. Then there is the z bar link, as I remember the 69 70 have a very difficult to find, and especially one that works, Z bar. Also the parts prices are going to be stiff. There are several other bits, and pieces you'll need, just to give you something to think about. Ohio Mustang is a member here, and should be able to give you a better list of what you'll need. It's completely doable, but may be to big a pain in the Azz.

I just reread your post and realized you would be trading the 72 for the 69. Well thats a different kettle of fish altogether. The hardest thing beside finding a good four speed, and all the necessary parts, will be the price! all I can say is good luck. I would suggest finding a parts car/ junk to get the pedal assembly, even a 6 cyl car would have the same pedal assembly, and some other stuff. Good Luck.

The conversion is simple.  The most difficult part will be installing the clutch and brake pedal assembly for a manual trans.  All the parts are available repro except maybe the brake pedal.  I converted my 69 Mach 1 to a 4sp from an automatic.  I purchased all the parts new (repro) except the clutch and brake pedal.  Good news is the bushings in the pedal support for the clutch pedal should be in new conditions since it's currently an auto trans car.  Also, an aftermarket Hurst Competition Plus fits through the original auto trans shifter opening in the floor and will work the auto trans console if the car has one.  The trans crossmember and mount should interchange as well.  The manual trans and C4 or C6 use the same crossmember.  The FMX crossmember is a little different but I believe will still work correctly.

In your situation I would call Perogie Enterprises if you are not certain of all the needed parts.  69 and 70 Mach 1's and Boss 302's are the core of their Ford used, NOS, and repro parts business.  If you don't know of every little spring, bushing , clip, etc. you need they can set you up with everything.  Calling in the morning is best.  The owners really know these cars front to back and are a good source when you are not certain of everything that's needed.

4 speed conversions are pretty easy for the most part.  The hardest part is pulling automatic transmission out without getting transmission fluid on the floor.

On all my cars I installed the pedal support bearing conversion kit from Mustang Steve's. Here is the link: https://www.mustangsteve.com/clutchbearings.html

Let us know if you run into a snag.

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