What is this ? and where to find ?
Hello, we bought a 1971 mach 1 351c

When we opened the hood, we had no hood latch, so we ordered it.

But I need more then that.

When I look at other pictures  (see attachement, red) I miss the "side things" that are attached to the grill.

Does anyone know what they are ? what they called? where to buy ?

Any tips are welcome!

Regards Rob (the Netherlands)

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Those are grill support brackets, one on each side.  I checked the typical Mustang part houses and did not see them but people have seen them selling on e-bay.

You may want to check Ohio Mustang. He may have a set.

Yeah Mustang Mikes right and you'll have better luck finding them used. Ohio mustang is a member here,look him up and he'll be able to help as I'm sure he has several. Good Luck and let us know if you need more help.

Not all cars came with 2 brackets - mine only has one.  It's really just there to keep the plastic grille from sagging over time - one will do if you can't find a set with both sides.
(09-24-2018, 06:45 AM)Mister 4x4 Wrote: Not all cars came with 2 brackets - mine only has one.  It's really just there to keep the plastic grille from sagging over time - one will do if you can't find a set with both sides.

That seems odd,  Ford was starting to cut costs back in 1971.  For the single bracket cars is the support still in the same location and is there still a provision for second support? Looking at the picture it seems the grill would be better supported with 2 braces.
I'm not sure of the reasoning and/or logic behind one or two brackets.  I remember seeing pictures of cars with them, and noticed others without them.  I don't recall what the magic formula was to receive 2 brackets vs. 1.

Everything is as it should be - the single bracket is the one on the driver side (I believe - I'll check when I get home from work).  There just isn't one on the passenger side, is all.

Here's mine right after I got the bumper loose and removed the grille.  The single bracket is still attached to the hood latch bracket assembly.

[Image: teardown1-1024x768.jpg]
Unless my eyes are squirrelly it looks like your hood latch assembly is different from the one in the pictures above.  On yours the front grill support is more in the center, which would make sense with just one support.

Man, I still can't believe that is your car in this picture. Talk about saving a car from becoming a kitchen appliance. You did a great job with that car!
I know... crazy, huh? Those piles of 'dirt' on the floor are the rust flakes that 'rained down' as I would hit the bumper mounts with the impact to bust 'em loose. I think I swept up something like 6 dust pans throughout the day of taking the front end apart. Good times!

Your eyes aren't squirrelly - they certainly do appear to be quite a bit different.  I think mine was an "early" '71 (made in September 1970, according to the Marti Report).

Here's the hood latch bracket installed (without the extension going to the grille):

And here's a really crappy pic of the grille installed.  You can just barely see the 2 bolts on the driver side of the emblem, and 'blanks' in the grille for the 2-bracket mounting a few inches outboard of the emblem on either side.

Wait - here's a better pic of that (had to get one to show off the 7173 Mustangs license plate and Mach 1 frame my wife installed):

This grille is aftermarket, but the original has the blanks for the dual-mounting brackets as well.  Beats me why Ford did that.

I wish mine had the dual-bracket set-up - I'd have the perfect places to relocate the horns to (I'm going to move them because the high-pressure pump/reservoir for the Edelbrock E-Street fuel injection will take over the spot where the windshield washer tank and horns currently live)
It could be that Ford changed over to a different style hood latch mid year.  Your latch is definitely similar to the earlier model Mustangs.  I would be curious to know if there was reason for the changeover.  Maybe issues with front grille?

On the 71 Mustang, were the horns mounted on the brace that goes from the cowl to the shock tower?
You're probably right, although I haven't had any issues with mine.  Then again, I probably don't drive it enough to notice (hafta remedy that).

The horns are actually mounted on the driver side shock tower - one in plain view, and the other below - hidden by the windshield washer tank.

You can just see the top horn almost at the top of the driver side shock tower on mine:

Here's a pic I found from Mustang Monthly - used for inspiration (I think it's a Boss 351, based on no A/C and the oil cooler):

I'll try to get some more/better pics of mine (pretty much everything) after this weekend while my buddy and I are working on stuff.

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