Manual disk brakes?
My 72 Mach has front disks but they are manual brakes.  I thought all disk brake setups were power from the factory??  Did someone do a disk conversion on my car at some point and leave them as manual??

Man thats a good question? I know there were drum brakes all the way to 73" if memory serves me right. Not real common but they were out there. And I would of thought all front discs were power? So it is possible someone swapped to front discs, without going to power?  Somebody will be along with the correct answer, I hope. Otherwise we'll have something to discuss for a while, LOL.
I've only seen that combination once.  That was on a 1976 Chevrolet 1/2 ton pick up.  By 1976 front disk brakes were standard on everything.  But power brakes were an option.  If somebody did that conversion, does it have the correct master cylinder and proportioning valve?  That setup is kind of nice if you plan to build a performance motor that doesn't create much vacuum.

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