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OK, so in this day and age of the Interweb, being able to see pretty much anything and everything that appeals to the casual surfer, how about a pic (or two, or three) of the car (or cars) that inspired you to get your Mach 1, or customize it to your liking, or whatever 'inspires' you and is Mach 1 related.

Here's the car that started it all for me (or at least, one just like it: 302 with sport caps, ginger interior, and no Ram Air):

Here's the one that lit the fire for me back in 2010 when I was Jonesin' for a hot rod project (from Mustang Monthly, spring 2010):

I originally wanted Torque Thrust Ds (like the one above), but soon discovered that everybody had them - so I went with Cragars after seeing this one:

Let's see 'em!

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