factory ac car compressor upgrade to R134
Has anyone had any experience with the compressors offered by "Classic Auto Air"? They use to offer a Sanden compressor but have changed to a company called Coolpro. According to the guy at Classic Auto it is a "Sanden like" design based on Sanden blueprints and built in China. I'm not real comfortable with a Chinese knock-off. I have searched the internet and can not find anything on these compressors, only replacement parts like fittings, seals, gaskets etc. I would really appreciate it if someone that has had some experience with these things could provide some input. Thanks in advance for your help!
That is interesting to hear.

Classic Auto Air has had a good reputation but I agree - hate to hear that they have gone with Chinese knock-offs.

I have no personal experience with their products though so perhaps someone else can chime in.
I also don't like Chinese knock-off parts.  They always seem inferior when you look closely at them.  With that said, I don't know who else makes bolt on kits for these cars.  You can check Vintage Air.  But, I didn't see listings for these Mustangs on their website.  If you are doing an R134A conversion, some people have used the stock Ford A/C compressors when doing that.  It's not as efficient as a newer Sanden compressor and uses more power to drive it.  But might be worth a try if you have a compressor that is in good condition.  R134A high side pressures on hot days are higher than R12 which is why a compressor in good condition is important.  Since the R134A molecules are smaller than R12 molecules leaks are the biggest issue with conversions.  Make certain to replace all seals and oil.  Lastly, the R134A refrigerant has a greater tendency to leak through the old R12 rubber hoses.
Since my original post, I did look into Vintage Air. They do not have conversion kit etc. for 71-73, but they do still use Sanden compressors from what I see on their web site. Best bet may be to buy everything but the compressor from Classic Auto and buy the compressor from Vintage Air. Will probably cost a little more buying by the piece, but at least I'll get the compressor I can trust. Thanks for all the input.

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