Rear Leaf Springs

My name is Peter, I live in Australia and this is my first post

Appreciate your recommendation on leaf springs for 69 Mach1  I want reverse eye 4 or 4 1/2 leaf with at least 2" lower.  I have heard that TCP and Grab-A-Trak make good springs.  Wanting to maintain reasonable ride quality but at the same time, I realise having the vehicle lower means that I need firmer springs.  TCP have 4 leaf at 160 (I think) and 4.5 leaf at 180.  Unless you have tried both, makes deciding which one to go with difficult.

Hey Peter, Welcome to the forum.We have several members from "down under".  Mach1 Father Figure, M1FF for short, Oztrailer, also known as SteveO. Those are the two I can think of off the top of my head. Both are great guys, you should be in great company. 

As far as the rear leafs I'm sorry, but I can't help with that, but don't worry there will be someone along soon, that should know something. Once again Welcome to the forum. Jump in anytime. Good People, and lots of info.

I use the Grab-A-Trak rear leaf springs and front coil springs on my 69 Mach 1.  The rear leaf springs are their 5 leaf mid-eye versions.  I think the rating is 195 lb/inch.  The front coil springs are their 620's rated at 560 lb/inch.  I don't know why they call them 620's because the wire diameter measures to be 0.720".  620 is supposed to refer to a wire diameter of 0.620".  With this setup and the upper control arms lowered 1" the car is basically level, the front is very slightly lower than the rear.  With Koni STR-T shocks and 70 series tires the car has a firm but not bone jarring ride.  So far I am happy with the Grab-A-Trak springs.  I almost installed a pair of Scott Drake front coil springs but the Grab-A-Track coil springs looked to be better quality.

I initially tried the Grab-A-Trak reverse eye 5-leaf rear springs but the car was lower than I wanted.  Mustangs Plus exchanged them for me.  I will say the lowered distance for the Grab-A-Trak springs is very close to what they list.

I believe Grab-A-Trak springs are USA made if that's important in decision making.
Welcome to the site Peter.  I am using Grab-A-Trak's mid-eye 4 1/2 leaf springs on my 66 Mustang. They lowered the ride height a good inch as advertised.  The reverse eye springs will lower the car at least another 1/2 inch if not a little more.   As far as the ride, it  is firm not stiff with the Grab-A-Track 4 1/2 leaf spring and there is a noticeable improvement in the handling of the car.

I have never purchased from TCP so I do not have any comparison opinions but I know they have a good reputation for suspension productions. 

If you decide to go with reverse-eye spring I would make sure you have enough tire clearance in your wheel wells.  Depending on where your ride height is now and what tires and wheels you have on your car you could end up with some tire clearance issues with a reverse-eye spring.  I ended up having to find a wheel with a deeper backspace to prevent the tire rubbing the wheel well.

Welcome Peter,

It looks like a couple of the members were able to give you good personal recommendations.

Welcome to the forum.  We hope to hear more from you.
Many thanks for the comments.


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