Stripes/decals help
I am needing help with decals for my 69 Mach 1. I need to get some pictures of stripes and lettering up close with dimensions so that my painter can create stencils and spray them on instead of decals. Would anyone be willing to help with this?
You can paint the hood and cowl blackout.  But in my opinion, I would not paint on the other stripes.  Reason being the original Mach 1 decals on the sides and the rear deck lid were a reflective material.  For example, the black stripes look black until direct light hits them.  Then you see the silver reflective color.  I think the red stripes reflected a gold color.  Some of the repro stripes are not correct and do not have the reflective property.  I purchased mine from National Parts Depot and they were correct.  I believe NPD also has a stencil for the hood and cowl black out.

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