Barn Find Fords
I get newsletters emailed to me from Hagerty insurance that often contain automotive videos.  Here is one with a lot of Fords from the 60's found in Southern California.  Cougars, Torino's, Fairlanes, etc.  They're rough but mostly complete and solid.

Very cool video. He definitely has a bunch of old, and some very rare Ford Muscle. To dang bad he's in San Diego.

I have watched this video.  I like the fiberglass hood on the Cyclone.  That hood would fit the Fairlane with a few modifications.  A guy in New Hampshire was selling one relatively cheap and I should have jumped on it.  It was listed on Craigslist forever now it's gone.

Thanks for was fun to watch it again.  My bet is most those cars will be sitting there another 20 years unless this video prompts buyers.
In case anybody didn't notice the other videos to the left of the article, here is one where he is at a wrecking yard in Texas.  I'm always amazed at the different car models that were available back then.  There's always something different about the designs of those old cars, to me in a good way, compared to todays cars.

Both of those videos were interesting.

I liked the two door wagon in Midland!

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