Workin' on the wife's car
So this weekend was working on her car (2015 Camaro RS) - she's a gamer (World of Warcraft) and wanted to make her car a little more 'her car.'  

Started late Saturday, but finished up yesterday afternoon installing the black carbon fiber hood spears, side & mirror stripes, and WoW decals on her car.  She also found a set of stainless WoW plate frames, which I put on yesterday.

[Image: carmen1.jpg]

[Image: carmen2.jpg]

[Image: carmen3.jpg]

[Image: carmen4.jpg]

[Image: carmen5.jpg]

[Image: carmen6.jpg]

[Image: carmen7.jpg]

I like these stripes on this car a lot better than the same ones in burgundy on her gray one (which got totaled last August when some jerk crashed into us on the freeway).

[Image: stripes1.jpg]
You did a good job.

What's the secret to applying decals and keeping them straight without wrinkles or air bubbles?

Anything needing decals always ends up going the the body shop down the street.

Yeah, they know me by name.   Laughing
Well, there's a couple of things going on here.

1. I used a strip of blue painter's tape to set-up the bottom edge, to avoid sagging or drooping along the length.  The stripe's carrier was pretty rigid, so I only put the blue tape at the seams and door gaps this time.

2. Figure out which stripes go where ahead of time, and mark them accordingly (position, which side is up, which side goes on which side of the car, etc.).

3. Draw a pilot line along the bottom edge of the stripes to the edge of the carrier, which will help make things easier to line-up with the blue tape when putting the stripe on (the edges of the stripes and blue tape will get lost behind the opaque carrier when placing them on the car).

4. Get some sticker application gel - I bought some Slide-On from NPD when I did my Mach 1 stickers.  I still have some leftover after doing the Mustang, and 2 sets of Camaro stripes.  Squirt some onto the surface, smooth it out so it's fairly even, the place the sticker.  You'll be able to slide the sticker around until you get it where you want it.

5. Gently squeegee the entire stripe/decal to get most of the sticker application gel out from under the sticker.  The gel takes the potential air bubbles with it.

6. Carefully peel back the sticker carrier, making sure the stickers stay stuck to the car. I find that folding the carrier back and gently pulling it away from exposed stripe while keeping the carrier close to the car surface helps keep the sticker stuck better than pulling it at a 45 degree angle from the surface (for instance).

7. Carefully re-squeegee the stickers to get the last of any air/gel bubbles that might be left (don't hit it so hard it moves the stripes around, though).

8. Wait a couple of days before cleaning, wiping, or otherwise anything around the stickers... check after an hour or so to make sure nothing's lifting up.  A quick swipe of the squeegee should stick 'em down for good at that point.
Nice Job with the stripes Eric!  The theme really makes the car stand out!  Thanks for the how-to write up too!
My pleasure, and thanks for the kind words (especially, since it's a Camaro  Wink )

I've done probably around 50 cars worth of window tint and decal/stripe work - which uses a very similar technique to smooth it all out (no-ammonia glass cleaner or a drop of dish washing liquid in a spray-bottle of distilled water instead of application gel).

It's weird, but my plan for the Mach 1 was to throw on some hockey stripes, mostly since the factory rocker trim was mangled with pieces missing when I got it.  But after seeing just about every '71-'73 Mustang out there having the hockey stripes, and seeing so many of them not installed very well (saggy, wavy, not properly trimmed at the wheel well flares - even on the high-end restorations), I decided to keep mine as an original no-stripe, no spoiler car.  

Now I just need to come up with the courage to drill into the shiny sheet metal and mount the new rocker trim pieces I've been collecting the last year or so.  I'm thinking that might take me a little bit of time to work it out.  Confused
It's always difficult taking a drill to new shiny paint.  I have been searching for good rocker panel pieces for my car.  Most of the pieces that came with the car have dings and scratches in them so I don't think they will be very appealing to the eye.

Like you I am not in a rush.
Aw come on! Jump in, and take the "Plunge"  ERRRR, I mean drill, and have at it ! I worked in a lot of truck shops, and took a drill to hundreds of brand new Feightliners, Pete's, and Kenworth's, to mount bug shields, wind deflectors, and all kinds of lights. So drilling holes in new sheetmetal, or fiberglass, is no big deal.  LOL!  Just be sure to measure 2 or 3 times then have at it. By the time I put the scoop on the My 08 Mustang. I didn't even flinch.
Just be sure to put some masking tape down where you have to drill through. To keep from tearing the paint. Also be careful when you pull the tape off, as it's still possible to lift the paint. Have Fun!


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