wheels and tires for 1969
I purchased a 1969 Mach 1 with oem wheels that I believe are 14x6 with 215x70x14 cooper tires.  I have since purchased Coker Magnum 500's with 235x60x14 on 14x7 rims.  Back space on the oem is approx 4.25.  The magnums are supposed to be also 4.25.  I measures them and appear to be 4 3/8 " ?  My purchase was based on what I had read others had done.  My front tires rub (not rims) the upper ball joint a-arm?  It is a disc brake car and everything is original.  What I did not realize before was even the oem wheels and tires are a little close to this also.  What I am learning a bit late is overall tire width, backspacing, and height are an issue with the front.  My question is would anyone know if I changed the front tires only to a 215x60x14 or 225x60x14 using the same 14x7 magnums would I gain 1/2 inch or more clearance.  Any suggestions wpuld be appreciated.  I would like to stay with 14 inch rims,but if the only way is to move up to 15"  I have 4 brand new set of never used  w & t  that I'm not sure what to do with.
I've read tech tips inside Mustang Plus' catalog that 7" wide 14" diameter wheels will can cause the issues you are experiencing. I wouldn't go down to a 215-60 x 14 as that will be a small looking tire on a 7" wide wheel.  Plus it might not fit very well on the 7" wide wheel.  The overall width of a 225 is approx. 3/8" narrower than the 235 so you wouldn't gain 1/2" or more clearance.

I am still using the original 14x6 chrome styled steel wheels that came on my Mach 1.  When using Magnum 500 wheels most people select a 15"x7" Magnum 500 with stock backspacing of 4.5" and use 225-60 x 15 tires so there will be no rubbing on the wheel opening lip.

The back spacing on your new 14 x 7 wheels sounds correct.  I think stock back spacing on 15 x 7 Magnum 500's was 4.5".

You can always try one of the 215-70 x 14 Cooper tires on one of the new wheels to get an idea what a 215 tire will look like on a 7" wide wheel.  Plus, install it on the front and see what the clearance will be, if any.

Let us know what happens.

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