1973 Mach I shipped to me- pic heavy
Been thinking about a Mach I for a while & decided to take the plunge!
Of course, it's about 2000 miles from my desert compound near Sin City.
Wasn't up for a cross country fly & drive in a classic without cruise control, so I hired a company to do an appraisal and inspection. 
She's healthy and has (according to the inspector) 88,000 original miles.
Next, I'm hiring a transport company to ship it to me.
Rough estimate? $1250 open trailer and $1500 closed trailer.
Closed trailer it is.

She has the 351 2V.
Wow, has less horsepower than a Hyundai Accent! 
(exaggeration, ha ha)
But I have plans, of course!
Plan one, build the 351 that's in her
Performance crate motor.
I really like the Coyote.
Updates to the suspension & brakes.
Power goodies like windows & locks.

This is my first stang, so I'll need some guidance.

Pics. Gotta have pics.

[Image: f26fc7.jpg]

[Image: 34phtm8.jpg]

[Image: 2508bqd.jpg]

[Image: 214zz9.jpg]

[Image: 6z6atc.jpg]

[Image: 2rymskl.jpg]

[Image: 1zh1sp4.jpg]

[Image: 2wn021x.jpg]

[Image: 1z1uxvn.jpg]
Sharp looking Mach 1. I suggest driving it with the stock engine for a while before deciding to with a crate engine. I personally prefer the nostalgia of the original engine, but go with what you like.
(03-24-2018, 02:04 PM)Rare Pony Wrote: Sharp looking Mach 1. I suggest driving it with the stock engine for a while before deciding to with a crate engine. I personally prefer the nostalgia of the original engine, but go with what you like.

Yeah I'll need to get acquainted first.
The horsepower may be a bit low, but the torque seems adequate.
And they say, horsepower sells cars, torque wins races.

This will be a cruiser anyway. Not looking for a drag car.
I like the style of Mach I's. They're almost artistic compared to the wind tunnel clones on the road today.

 [Image: 10s7rc4.jpg]
Welcome to the site and congrats on your first Mustang. You picked a good one for sure.  It is a very sharp looking car and will turn a lot of heads.  Please let us know what you think about the car when she arrives and you get a chance to drive it. 

It sounds like your long term goals are to make some modern upgrades (retro mod) to it.   There are plenty of members here to help with any question or concerns you may have with the car.

Very nice , sharp car .  That color really makes it stand out.
Wow very nice choice for your first Mach1. Welcome to the club lots of good people here and lots of info. Jump in anytime we'll do our best to help any way we can. 

Sweet looking ride Machnvegas. You picked a nice one from all outward appearances and a great color combo. Welcome to the forum and good luck.   Dave R.
I put $1000 down pending the inspection.
It's not Barrett Jackson flawless, but it's in pretty good shape.
The woodgrain is peeling by the gauges, it's missing the console, it has A/C but is missing the compressor, the original FMX trans has been swapped for a C-6, The horn is inop, the reverse lights are inop.
But I don't mind improving it.
So Tuesday I'll wire the rest of the money and choose a carrier.

This seems to be a love it or hate it body style, what's not to love?

She'll have a good home in the desert where she'll be kept out of the sun. 
She'll never be a daily driver and she will never deal with rust.
She already has a nice garage spot next to a classic Jeep! 
(The Jeep better keep his tires to himself!)

Sweet website too. Not loaded with malware-ridden porn ads.
Good work- whoever is responsible!

All the best with your new arrival.  It sure looks the part from the pictures.

Definitely not one of the many "wind tunnel clones" on the road today.

Keep us updated!
Nice original solid car you found.  Good original color combinations as well.  I'd leave it with the original motor.  Do some performance upgrades if you want more power.  It's a 2 barrel Cleveland motor, so at least it has heads better suited for street performance.  I am not familiar with the value of the 71-73 Mustangs, but if it's like the earlier models, the value drops significantly when big items like original motors are removed.

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