Volt drop when in gear
13.7 Volts is more then enough to keep the battery charged. Your Idle speed of 700 to 750 RPM. Isn't out of the range, as I remember, it should be around 700 RPM in gear, and your barely above that at 750 RPM, and have 13.7 Volts you haven 't got anything to worry about, as your very close to perfect. The Idle was always a close guesstement, as every engine is different, and idles best at different RPM's due to a bunch of various reasons such as, Engine Size, Cam, Carburetion, Trans, Accessories, ect. So don't be so worried about an exact RPM, as long as it doesn't try to leap forward when you take your foot off the brake in gear. You definitely aren't to high with the idle. Hope it helps.

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From the factory they had fairly low idles speeds.  The 302 with an automatic trans was, 550 RPM in drive.  The 351W with an automatic trans was either 575 RPM or 600 RPM in drive.

I'm not saying it won't be fine at the idle speeds that are currently set. I am not certain the alternator is operating as good as it should. If it is, a better alternator might be needed to overcome the issue.

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