1969 Mach 1
Here is a 69 Mach 1 for sale locally in CT very close to where I live.  This is what your typical east coast car looks like.  I am not adding any comments on the asking price but at least there is an opportunity to make an offer.

Wow thats a pretty tall order, as theres not anything that looks usable on the car. It would be pretty much just for the Vin tag from what I can see, and I guarantee you it's worse underneath. I think there's better out there, even though they don't come up very often. 12 G's is a lot for whats there. That being said I believe Dynacorn reproduces the main shell, and you could transfer the vin tag??? I'm not sure of the legalities of doing that, but it's an interesting thought.

It does look complete . . . minus the rusted out sections.  It's hard to determine from the pictures how much of the car can be restored and reused.  It's worth restoring but the 12K price is too much.

I'd like to say unrestored cars don't look that bad on the west coast.  But, you simply do not find unrestored cars on the west coast.  For that matter, there seem to be few cars from the late 1960's and early 1970's out here.  They have slowly migrated to the east as they get sold.
Well the good news is I never had intentions of buying this car.  I just wanted to share an example of what we often see for sale here on the east coast and the asking prices.  I couldn't imagine buying that car just to toss all the bad metal into a pile for the scrap man.   It's like your purchasing a car and throwing it away at the same time.

I picked my fastback up for $1800 and all the bad metal was already thrown away.  It was basically a skeleton.  There was no interior, engine or electrical.  Much better deal than this car!
I agree with you and I can't see spending 12g to throw most of it away. It sure won't bring that for scrap! 

I think $3500 to $4000 range would be fair for it.  From what I have seen people start with, this condition is really not too uncommon for an unrestored car.  What it has going for it, is it appears complete and still has the original motor and trans.  If that's the case, that adds significant value.  At least in my area, in restored condition with the original drivetrain (motor and trans) a car like this will be valued at about $10000 more that without the original drivetrain.

I may be biased since the 1969 and 1970 Mach 1's and Boss 302's are my favorites in the Mustang line up.  I like the other years of Sportsroof (fastback) Mustangs.  But the 69 and 70 Mach 1's and Boss 302's are only Mustangs in the line up I would spend my money on.
I saved the pictures from the posting on CL to my computer so I could zoom in on the car.  Here is what I see:

Both doors are beyond saving
Hood is beyond saving
RH fender is toast
Upper cowl is rusted right through along the lip of the firewall.  (lower cowl is probably no longer in existence)
Battery tray is rusted through
Inner door panels are cracked
Dash pad is cracked

Steering wheel looks good!

It's really too bad because you don't see them with original paint too often.
I saw most of that as well.  I'd guess the floors and trunk floor needs replacing as well.  Shock towers are likely destroyed and needing replacement too. You'd definitely acquire skills in replacing body panels with that project.
Agree with acquiring skills on that one. I don't think I will ever have the energy to do another car restoration.  It's time to start enjoying and maintaining the cars.
Reminding me why I would not even want to look at a car that had a rust belt address in it's past!

Seriously, go west and south young man.

Thanks for the reminder Mike.  It was amazing what you did with your fastback!

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