1970 Mach 1
Hello I am a proud owner of a 1970 Mach 1 351C manual 4speed from CT. I stumbled on this vehicle on Craigslist a few months before I purchased it. I always go on there from time to time to see what the locals have listed and there she was. So I shot an email to this guy just for fun just bsing nothing serious I knew I couldn't afford it and I knew whatever I offered would be a joke. Fast forward a few months I get a random email from the guy saying his wife's(she was the owner) father passed away and that he needed to aggressively get rid of the vehicle. I am at a hospital reading this email with my wife and she is about to go in and get our first ultrasound of my what is now my little girl! I told the Drs. to give me a minute because I need to call this guy and see what this is all about. So I chat with the guy and he told me an unbelievable price and I was ready to purchase.......but was my pregnant wife with #2? I told her the whole situation and she was like yea go get it. I was in shock but I didn't hesitate I called my buddy I said Hey can we use your truck this weekend to go pick up a car he said absolutely. I called a local U-Haul place and asked if they had a full car trailer and they did! Everything was lining up for this to happen. Drove a total of 6 hours to pick her up and man I tell you what it was worth it. The car was fully restored 9 years ago there are a few things that need to be done to it but I have a long time to do them i.e. mag 500s, correct louvers, brake lights not working, no radio nothing crazy

I stumbled on this site just the other day and its funny at this point I have owned the car for a year and every day I open the garage I still smile. I was hoping to post on here for some advice on how to fix somethings with the car and just chat it up. I will not be getting rid of this vehicle in my lifetime and I am 34 years old!

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That is quite the story and will make for a memorial lifetime ownership of the car.

Enjoy the site.
Don't know how much you paid but it sure looks to be worth it. One very good looking Mach1. Way to go. Ask any and all questions. Good people and lots of info, so jump right in. Welcome 

That looks very nice.
When I tell you I was fortunate I mean I was really fortunate to have everything line up like that. In the beginning I thought  it was a Craigslist scam......like I said there are few minor issues with it that I will post on the other parts of the forum but thats where the fun starts. I appreciate the warm welcome it is nice to have a spot of our own to talk about a very specific model in American History!
Welcome from Iowa. Wave Nice Craigslist find!!
Nice car.  It's in one of the better colors Ford offered.  When you get some time, research the accessory drive brackets for the front of the engine.  The alternator is typically on the passenger side.  Power steering pumps and air conditioner compressors are in the area where your alternator is.

If you like Magnum 500 wheels, Legendary Wheel has some nice looking aluminum versions at reasonable prices for an aluminum wheel.  They have the correct offset, backspacing, etc. for these cars.  Scott Drake also carries the aluminum Magnum 500 wheel by Legendary Wheel.
Good catch on the alternator being on the wrong side. I had to back to the pics to see, and darned if you ain't right. it sure looks funny on that side . 

In juju02's other thread about vin codes, the H indicates this car originally had a 351 Windsor 2 barrel engine.  Possibly, when somebody did the swap to a 351 Cleveland they didn't have the correct assessory drive brackets for it.  Which is why the alternator ended up where it is.
(12-10-2017, 05:13 AM)1969_Mach1 Wrote: In juju02's other thread about vin codes, the H indicates this car originally had a 351 Windsor 2 barrel engine.  Possibly, when somebody did the swap to a 351 Cleveland they didn't have the correct assessory drive brackets for it.  Which is why the alternator ended up where it is.
I thought the H code was for the 351W for the 1969 and the H code in the 1970 was a 351C

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