Update, Got lucky, and have been able to put a couple days in on the Jacobra! God I love the sound of that. Jacobra!!! Here's a few pics of the heat, and ac unit after I tore it out of the dash. "Toasty" The dash removal took about 4 to 6 hours, then another couple hours for the heat, and ac, along with the wiring harness. I'm glad I wasn't the guy at the Jag factory, installing that harness, as it was a major PIA!!!  Confused  But it's all out. Now to close up the holes. and repair the rust around the trans tunnel as heated metal rusts, much worse then even bare steel. It's quite obvious this thing got damn hot, in several areas as noted by the pictures. You can also see where the wiring burnt. Most of it was on the passenger side of the heat ac unit. I still don't know what kept it from burning to the ground??? All I can figure was they just absolutely flooded it with water, which could also be what attributed to the rusted spots, in the floor boards. Oh well, I've definitely seen worse, and repaired worse. Just thought I'd catch everyone up. Now I've got to weld it all shut. Anyone else making any progress on their projects?

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Glad to see you working on the Jacobra (I used the name for your benefit!) and making some headway.

It's a wonder that they were able to keep it from burning all the way to the ground.
Yeah it's a wonder, you can see the transmission tunnel is burnt pretty heavily, yet the carpet over it was perfect??? It never showed the first sign, it had that much burnt. I've been doing this for years, and this is the worst I've even seen,  Huh  without being completely burnt to the ground. 


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