66 Fairlane Project
Here are a few pictures of my Fairlane project. I finally finishing up the cowl repair. Unlike the Mustangs you are unable to buy a new cowl or patch panel so I had to do it the old fashion way. It was definitely more challenging than I expected. Glad to have it back together. Now I can put the rear end in it and get it back on wheels.

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Very nice work! I love following your builds.

They are always done to a high standard.
Got to agree. For doing it the old way looks very good. As long as it functions correctly. A+ My dad always said, form follows function. Keep up the good work. JTS
(04-15-2017, 12:12 PM)Steven Harris Wrote: Very nice work! I love following your builds.

They are always done to a high standard.

Thanks Steven...I appreciate the kind comments! However, I am not going over board with this one. I am aiming to make a nice driver with a bench seat and 4 speed!
(04-15-2017, 01:08 PM)JTS71 Mach1 Wrote: Got to agree. For doing it the old way looks very good. As long as it functions correctly. A+ My dad always said, form follows function. Keep up the good work. JTS

Thank you sir! I am keeping my fingers crossed it functions properly. It is a very rudiment set up so it should work. I actually needed to make the pieces that welds to the bottom of the of the cowl that mounts the air vents too. I was contemplating purchasing the Mustang cowl patches and drilling out the spot welds and using the hats and air vent mounting rings from them but they are about $60 so I made my own. It was a PITA because I don't have all the fancy tools that make life easy!

I am very happy it is back together. I can finally move on to other things now.

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The thought of using the Mustang pieces had crossed my mind as many things were very similar on the early Fairlanes and Mustangs. I, also wish I had all the tools one needs to truly work metal, but alas I'm just a poor boy. JTS

PS. I should rephrase that I'm rich in the Lord, and poor in the pocketbook!
The Fairlane cowl is on the driver's side is much different than a Mustang. As you can see from the pictures it does not lay flat like the passenger side does. However, depending on how large of a section you need to replace I am sure a Mustang one could be used. Unfortunately, I had to take a rather large section out of mine so a decided to make the piece. Below is a picture of an original cowl (not mine) and you can see the difference. If mine were in this shape I could of cut a section out of a Mustang cowl and patched it in. But you can see by the top picture in this post the passenger side cowl was far beyond this one.

The Fairlane cowl on the driver's side was designed such that that the gulley where the water is supposed to flow out is has sort of an S shape and becomes narrow in one section. I believe because of this it created a dam for debris.

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The car is back on wheels. I installed new leaf springs and the 9 inch housing. She is not the prettiest looking car but she has all the original panels. The quarter panels and wheel wells are all in extraordinary good shape. All the rust issues have been dealt with and she is solid and straight. The next major step is to prep the engine compartment for paint so I can drop in the 302 and then the front suspension. I really think this car was a great score for a fun project car.

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I always liked the Fairlane. As I have said before the rear wheels wells just aren't quite right. Way to much panel above them. Maybe cut them and raise them about 2 or 3 inches. Mark a straight horizontal line above the highest part of the fender flare, 2 or 3 inches. Then cut straight up at the front edge and the back edge to the horizontal line (don't forget to cut the inner panel loose first). Now move the fender panel you just created up and down till you get the perfect look. Now weld in place, you will have to cut and trim the inner fender as need to weld back into the back of the raised panel. you could actually move them out slightly and put a wider tire under them. I've seen your metal work A+, anything would improve the look. The 67 Chevelle always looked better in the back half then the Fairlanes did. Just because of the rear wheel wells. Just my opinion! Your car have fun!

Just a thought. JTS
Hey JTS,

I absolutely agree with your point. You could definitely see the real estate on the quarter panel. I will keep your thought on the back burner as I move forward on the project. Only issue I want to avoid is ruining a good pair of original quarter panels. How often do you find a 50 year old project car where the wheel wells, trunk drop off and quarter panels do not need work.

Like I hinted to before, when buying parts for a 66 or 67 Fairlane you take the Mustang price and multiply by 3 and that is if you are lucky enough to find the part. This is unfortunate because the Fairlanes do not have carry the same value as the Mustangs do.

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