Stock Cam Specs - 69 351w 4v ?
Mike would I gain HP by replacing my stock 4 barrel intake manifold with an edelbrock performer rpm? I have an edelbrcok 600cfm carb also. Just curious if its worth the trouble while my manifold is off
Yes it should. The Weiand Stealth for a 351W is also an excellent choice for a street intake manifold. I've used both. Both have the same basic RPM power range but the Weiand seems to have more low and mid range power. Plus it simply fits under the hood better than the Edelbrock Performer RPM. The carb pad angle is slightly different which helps. I had no problem fitting a Moroso 3" tall air cleaner assembly under hood with a Weiand Stealth but with the Edelbrock Performer RPM it was difficult. If you use an aftermarket intake be certain to install the gaskets they recommend. Stock gaskets are usually too thin and hard to work well with aftermarket intake manifolds.

I like the look of the stock air cleaner but in my opinion it is very restrictive on these cars simply because it is so small. If you desire the stock air cleaner look I would at least install a K & N filter in it. Another area to check is the clearance between the air cleaner lid and the top of the carbs choke horn. I only know Holley recommends 1" for sufficient air flow into the carb. I have a stock air cleaner (don't use it) but the lid almost touches the choke on a Holley carb.

I haven't used a 600 CFM Edelbrock carb. They are reliable and easy to setup. But it's general knowledge that a Holley will make more power. Except for Holley's List number 1850, 600 CFM. For some reason that is a terrible carb.

If your distributor gear looks good I would leave it alone. Simply because it can be difficult to get a new gear positioned correctly on the shaft.

What can I be looking at as an estimated HP gain? Also I have a 1 inch space on my stock so would that spacer fit as well?
(05-02-2016, 04:25 AM)rindel Wrote: What can I be looking at as an estimated HP gain? Also I have a 1 inch space on my stock so would that spacer fit as well?

The stock 1" spacer won't fit or be needed with either the Edelbrock Performer RPM or the Weiand Stealth intake manifold. With the spacer an air cleaner won't fit under the hood. Simply use the vacuum ports on the carb or intake manifold instead of the spacer.

I can only guess the HP increase. I've seen claims in the 15 to 20 HP range. My opinion, it's worth it. Some people paint them the engine color to help make it look original.

ok just bought it online at summitracing. I had to check port size on my stock heads but seems like they will match. Do you think my stock distributor will fit?
The 69 351W cylinder head has the largest port size of all stock small block Ford cylinder heads. They're sought after for anybody looking for maximum performance from a stock small block Ford cylinder head. Aftermarket intakes and gaskets still work fine. Did you select the Edelbrock Performer RPM or the Weiand Stealth? Either is a definite upgrade.

The stock distributor should fit with either the Performer RPM or the Stealth intake. For a while I had a Ford Duraspark distributor which has the same size housing as the older points distributor. The Edelbrock Victor Jr. is the only intake manifold I know of that requires a specific distributor.

I bought the we and 8023wnd. Do you think I'll need any special pipe fittings?
Usually not. Your heater hose fitting should fit. And there is a one location for a vacuum port that is a pipe thread. You'll either need a plug or fitting for it. Those manifolds are a pretty straight forward installation. Use the gaskets they recommend and install per the instructions.

If you don't drive your car in extremely cold weather when you install the gaskets use the gasket pieces to block off the heat crossover passage. The heat crossover in this situation is there only to assist for a short while during warm up when the engine is cold. But aluminum conducts heat much faster than cast iron so the heat crossover is usually not needed.


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