the begeaning of the 40 years crisis
I've always wanted to recreate the car from scratch.
and the best car for that is Mach 1
here is my Forty years crisis

Some photos...

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Now there is a man who loves a challenge.
It looks as though you have begun the epic journey.

Keep us updated as you progress and as you have the inevitable questions, give us a shout.
Welcome...I assume you mean you will be turning 40 and this is your mid life crisis present to yourself....I get it! How's the outside look?
Some pictures of the exterior:

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That white dash is interesting, I think it looks ok.

What is the bog roll for? Is that when you take a friend for a hair raising drive and scare the crap out of them Biggrin
Well the car does not look all that bad, at least visually. For some reason, I was expecting to see much worse. I kind of like the black and white theme of the car except for the rims. That's a bit too much. The right tires and rims will change the whole personality of the car. So what is the plan of attack for your 40 year crisis?
Judging from little clues, I'm going to guess that we are dealing with a non-U.S. car that is located in tropical weather and/or near the sea.

Here's hoping that there are not many nasty surprises under the repaint.

The bog roll may come in handy otherwise.

Here's hoping for the best as the tear down continues.
It's true I'm not United States i'm frome Israel

Attach some more pictures from the rest of the work

let the fun begin.

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Good luck with your adventure
I have never seen a package tray area that rotted. Was the car sitting without a rear window?
I have several parts cars I can cut the package tray area out of

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