My trailer project - B M B Q
Hi Folks, I guess you have noticed I have a workshop full of BMW's. Well my parts car E38 ('97 735iL) is destined to be cut to a trailer for picnics. As it is complete and undamaged in that area I intend keeping a (smaller) battery in it along with the boot trim. The battery will power lights (to cook by), the soft touch boot latch, interior lights, sound, a small DVD player, 12v sockets and a USB socket to charge mobile phones.
A BBQ will be fitted where the rear seat used to be. It will also retain the tool kit, spare wheel and jack - the original fittings. I am also considering a small 12v compressor.
Has any one experience of a similar project? Maybe I will avoid 'traps for young players' with that help.
BTW the Mustang section of the Veteran Car Club I belong to has a 'Section Trailer' made from a cut down 'vert Mustang, about a '67. 23_30_106
That sounds like a great project!

I have done many odd builds including several trailers but a 735 has not been one of them.

Keep us updated on the build.
And you guys don't have one because?
If you think this is good you should see the SAAB-B-Q. Yes I have pictures, interested?

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(05-04-2015, 06:40 PM)Mach1FatherFigure Wrote: And you guys don't have one because?

I can only give excuses.

The biggest of which is that I have been busy working on my children's cars / projects.

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Handsome selection of projects. My kids are adults, one very independant and the other has 'borrowed' my MINI sedan. At least she pays the running costs.
The concept picture. Two back ends cut and welded to one:

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Is the Trunk / Boot going to open at both ends or just the rear? JTS 71 Mach1
That will look very nice.

Any progress made?
Both boot (trunk) lids will open. It will be long enough inside to take my shelter for those wonderful sunny days at shows and meetings. When not in use it will store all my picnic gear.
It will feature a compressor and good sound, maybe even the DVD player I have. USB outlets to charge whatever is needed.
The front facing lights will be changed to have the twin element globe holder behind the amber lense, giving a forward facing marker light and turn signal.

The reversing lights will work and the original disc brakes will be used in the over-run system.

The most important progress is getting the welder to start, which should be in about 6 days now.

The 'body' will cost $1.2k and then paint extra. The rest I can do.
You guys down under think just a little different then we do. But it's definitely a cool project and you sure won't have anyone comming up and saying I've got one just like it! Cool Deal, thinking outside the Box or Boot as it might be! LOL!

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