Mach 1 on the way
Hi ,
Im Darren from Melbourne Australia, recently bought myself a 69 Mach 1 M code from the states just waiting for it to arrive here in Australia (early June).
Ive always wanted a 69 Mach 1 but this ones going to need a bit of work to get it the way i want it to look.
Looking forward to getting some help from the members on this site............Biggrin
Congratulations and welcome from Ohio
Welcome and congratulations on your recent purchase. As a fellow '69 owner be assured that there is a wealth of knowledge available here. Good luck. Dave R.
Congrats on your purchase. Let us know when it arrives and post up some pics.
SSig_welcome4 Good deal on the 69 Mach1. Cool car to have. Lots of info and good people here. JTS 71 Mach1
Welcome Darren.

Great to have you join us here.

All the best on the 69 Mach 1. Hopefully you were able to seal the deal before the drop in $AUD.

Here's hoping that there are no big surprises when the Mach 1 arrives and that it has a smooth trip through customs.

We are here to help.
Hi Darren, Welcome from Perth! '69 is more my era - Old School. Ask away, some one here will always know.
(05-02-2015, 09:25 AM)Mach1FatherFigure Wrote: Hi Darren, Welcome from Perth! '69 is more my era - Old School. Ask away, some one here will always know.

Hi all thx for the welcome, this is a very cool site and i didnt expect to see other Aussies here WOW, here is a pic of the Mach i bought it needs a lot of TLC but i cant wait to get started,,,,,,,,,,,
At least it all seems to be there. Keep us posted when it lands.
My Mach finally arrived, its pretty rough on the outside but its solid every where else, much better than i ever thought it would be.
The first thing i did was look for a build sheet, under the dash nothing, under the two front seats nothing, under the non original carpet nothing, oh well i thought its gone or was never put in the car.
After being a little dissapointed i thought could it possibly be under the rear seat (non fold down) after a little bit of working out how to remove the seat i lifted it up and to my delight the build sheet was there.
Its in pretty shitty condition as it was screwed up and forced under the springs, i carefully unfolded it and all the info was still there, now i have the buck tag, door tag, dash Vin and build sheet all there and its all matching you FN beauty.

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