Garage Shots
That's an awesome car, lichtyr!

If the trunk lid was adjusted just a little better and the spoiler not on backwards, it would be close to perfection. Thmbsup

LOVE the green and argent - awesome combination! Thumbup
you are correct the spoiler needs changed I am not sure about the trunk lid as it cant move as much as I would like
It should, That trunk should be able to be moved more then enough to compensate for the misalignment. If it wont something is bent, mismounted, or something else strange has happened, as they didn't come that way. JTS 71 Mach1
Ha, well you guys are really giving me something to shoot for! Here is my 73--I pulled the motor this weekend. Getting very close to finishing disassembly--

David from Florida

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Thanks for adding your garage shot David.

Keep us posted with updates of the work.
Yes...thank you for the garage shot and keeping this thread alive. It is one of my favorites!
OK - so, things have changed a bit since I posted my first garage shot... well, except that my garage really hasn't gotten any cleaner, that is.   Loser

Here's one under the carport immediately outside of the actual garage.  Does that count?

And here are a few from the Auto Hobby Shop at Goodfellow AFB, TX.  This was the first trip back after getting it all finished up - Baby's first oil change since the resurrection.  This time, we drove the Mustang there, rather than brought it in on a trailer.  Good times!


Your car looks really really good.  Now its your trophy for all the hard work you put into it. I don't remember having an automobile hobby shop on base when I was in the Navy but I like the idea.  I assume you would bring your own tools and supplies?

Bring your own supplies and parts, yes.

But actually, they have pretty much any tool you could imagine, with the exception of vehicle specific special tools... and even then, they might have some of those as well.  Way back in the day, when they had employed actual mechanics to run the shop, if they were lacking a specific special tool, or even needed to come up with a special tool for the task at hand, out would come the torch and/or welder and a task specific special tool was born (usually in the form of a somewhat reformed combination wrench or some kind of a clamping tool with the extra support or bends required to wiggle them into places unreachable under normal circumstances).

I miss those days.  But for now, I'm satisfied with just having the lifts and assortment air tools available.

Thanks for the kind words - it's been a journey, that's for sure.  Crazy
From what you had to what you've got. You can be damn proud of it, and yourself. Nice Job. Someday I hope to be able to show off mine. I'm still plugging away little by little.


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