2004 Mach 1 value
I have the chance to pick up an '04 Azure Red Mach 1, auto. almost 200k miles. Only 296 made. It's a southern car and it looks very clean, owner says it looks and runs great. He has sent me several pictures, can see a few dings/scratches but overall it looks great. I have a '69 Mach 1 that I have had for 28 years, almost bought an '04 when they were new. What would be a good price for this car? KBB says excellent condition 6900....he's wants 7500.
With 200,000 on the odometer I would think that the rest of the car would have to be perfect to fetch his asking price. Rather than being $600 over KBB I would imagine he needs to be about $1,000 under.

Still, I do not own a late® model Mach 1 and have not been looking to get into the market. Here's hoping someone with an eye on the current market will jump in and share some wisdom with us.

Share some pictures when you get them and that will help others help you make an educated determination on the specific Mach 1.
SCo_hmmthink 200,000 Thousand is a lot of miles, and like Steven said, I think $1000.00 below KBB, would be a better price. Also Azure is (I believe Spanish) Blue not Red. Which could indicate he's not 100% sure of what he's talking about. I would definitely have someone (mechanic) look at it, before I laid any cash on the table. Maybe an honest mistake. Or maybe an unknowledgeable seller/owner? Hope it helps.

Ps. There's a lot of Sh1t salesmen out there so beware. Naughty
JTS 71 Mach1
That's my bad on the color, should be Torch Red. I have numerous pictures from the owner, he went around the car and took pictures of any flaws (stone chips etc.). He has had it for a year and it had brand new tires on it when he got it. He's a mustang guy, has several. It sure doesn't look like a car with nearly 200k on it. He says it runs/drives great, no strange noises/shakes. He's firm at $7500. I don't think KBB is anywhere close on these, looking online I see cars with 120k miles are going for 12-13k.
Ultimately the price is defined by what the market will bear - that market being you.

Here's an example here in Arizona.


If the car is exactly what you are looking for, prove it out, buy it and enjoy it.
In regards to the prices on line. Is that the asking price or what they are actually selling for? I think Steven is right on this if it's what you want and after checking it out. Make sure it has been serviced very regularly as the 4.6 has all those chains and guides for the overhead cams and they are a common trouble spot, on the 4.6. Try to gather as much info on the owner before this one if you can. As I said 200,000 is a lot of miles, especially on a 4.6. SCo_hmmthink Good Luck JTS 71 Mach1
(11-26-2014, 01:45 AM)Steven Harris Wrote: Ultimately the price is defined by what the market will bear - that market being you.

Here's an example here in Arizona.


If the car is exactly what you are looking for, prove it out, buy it and enjoy it.

Car is a recovered theft vehicle, salvage title.
YIKES! I've bought several cars with salvage titles, but I knew the vehicle and what happened to it, or had very detailed info on what was done to them as far as repairs. Plus I'm an ASE Master Technician. So I know what to look for. If repaired correctly There's virtually no difference other then the bank won't loan very much on the vehicle. If you never intend to sell it. you won't get hurt. Otherwise run away. I guess the price should come down drastically, in my opinion, probably about $4500.00 range. Good Luck. JTS 71 Mach1
Skidmarky was referring to the example I had posted as being a salvage title.

It is a clean looking example from the photos but as JTS wisely points out resale is greatly affected, banks will not loan and buyers beware.

Still if one is planning to keep the car and can research the history it could be a viable option for a good car.
Thanks Steven I had not realized he was referring to the craiglist car. JTS 71 Mach1

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