69 Mach 1 quarter panel vents
Has anyone heard of an owner or a company that has converted the side quarter vents into functional vents? I have converted the rear brakes from drum to power disc and want to vent them using the side quarter panel vent that is normally a dummy. I already made crude roughly built vents that do work, but would like to see if there is an already made replacement for the vent. Primarily it is the duct (funnel) section I would need.

Any help or advise would be great.

I have read of some one off applications but I do not recall reading of anyone making a production run.

Share your success with us once you get it all done!
Thanks Steve,

I guess I will be making the ducts myself and when I do I will post photos and maybe even get it to market to sell to Mach 1 owners that want to do the same. I will try metal and plastic to see which works best.

Thanks again,
All the best with the attempt Patrick.

I wanted to do the same back when I owned my 69 Mach 1 but life took others turns and I was not able to keep the car.

Now I couldn't afford one.

Still - I am very happy with my 73.
I tried to do a some research on installing functional side scoops on a 69 Mach 1 but also came up short on information. There were some guys who had installed the later model 94-04 scoops on their 69 coupes and another person commented on the 69 Shelby vert scoops being to narrow from a functionality stand point to provide any cooling benefit.

Please keep us updated on your attempt to fabricate a functional cooling system for your rear brakes. If you could pull this off you may be the envy of many guys out there interested in functional rear scoops for the 69 fastbacks.

When I was at Newell's Restorations in Healdton, OK they were fabricating some for a mach 1 so I would guess that they don't know of any either. Here is a picture from the inside of the pipe and how they fit it to the wheel well. I don't know much about any of that stuff, but maybe it will be helpful to look at how someone else did it.

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If someone were to really make some nice ones with really easy to understand (Telli-Tubby) instructions and make them so that the fold down rear seat assembly and the inside fiberglass panels are not affected I believe that they would sell rather agressively to restomod enthusiasts.

Include a great template for the 1970 Mach 1 owners and you could cover that group as well.
The kit would have to be all inclusive with all parts.

Ive dreamed of one for years.Clap_

I have also seen the before mentioned more modern scoops put on these cars for a tatally radical look that was out of this world in cool points.
Good Luck[/i]
Because I have already gone through the effort of making a rough set of vents it was easier for me to come up with a scoop vent that would work. I have to do some modifications to an item that was fairly close to what I wanted. It appears it will work fine, I will find out the next time I go back to work on my car, I can't work on it everyday (it's a shame). I use flex hose (2inch inside diameter) and it clears the inner panel and the seat, the exit out of the car is in front of the rear wheel fender well. Believe me I always say "it is better to work smarter not harder", so I want this to be easy to install. The kit would be installed normally during a restoration. I have attached a photo of the hose and location inside car. it is just not attached to vent that is why it looks incorrect for positioning. But you get the idea.

Will post more photos when I get to the finish with this.

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First impression at looking at both the metal one and then the plastic flex hose example, I personally think that the metal one would likely sell better on the market.
However with that said I also believe in my humble opinion that more air volume is needed on the hose area of that project.
Getting more air volume and still maintaining the functionality of all original components is the hard part.
Keep working on it.
Done give up.BiggrinDrink_to_that
Well I believe I have come up with the vents that will work great for the rear brakes. The flex tube I use is 2 1/2" inside diameter and very easy to bend without any kinking, it holds a true 2 1/2" through the bends like metal pipe. the vents are made of resin that my brother was able to cast, so yes I have a mold of these that I could reproduce easily. The vent scoops need a little more smoothing out but the fit is good and they hold great inside the car when mounted. I drilled out the vent holes of the fake vent cover to allow as much air to go through as possible. I used an air hose to blow air through the vent and you can easily feel the air at the rear brake rotor. The last thing I need to do is to find or come up with a scoop at the rear brakes to blow the air into the rotor center or as close as I can get to it. Here are a few pictures to give an idea of the scoops, vent and hose.

Let me know what you think. Thanks
Patrick Hart
69 Mach1 390

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