1972 project cobra Jet Q Code
After putting in a new power steering fluid hose, the steering wheel has way too much play in it. Its actually a bit scary...way too loose. Any suggestions?
--It says to use tranny fluid (we used F type).
If the car is on, but not moving, like a stop sign, the steering wheel is hard to turn, as soon as you give it some gas and go, its super loose...hope that helps. We will check your suggestions this weekend...thanks guys....


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Did this just start after replacing the hose, if not check the rag joint in the steering column. It's a rubber bushing that goes bad after all these years.
If the rag joint is good the steering box free play can be adjusted. It is located on top of the steering box. It has a slotted screw and an 11/16 lock nut. Put the wheels straight ahead. Loosen the lock nut turn the slotted screw clockwise, (while holding the lock nut) until it's snug. back the slotted screw off 1/4 turn and tighten the lock nut. Start the car and work the wheel back and forth to see if you have a tight or snug spot in the steering. If it feels ok, drive the car, see if the steering still feels ok. your done. If you feel a snug spot, you will have to back the slotted screw off a little at a time. I would suggest about 1/8 turn at a time. The idea is to take out all the slack without feeling the tight spot. If you can't get enough slack out, you need to check all the steering linkage and repair as necessary. If you still have slop replace the gearbox as the worm gear is worn. Hope this helps. JTS 71 Mach1
Both great recommendations!

Another tip to help tighten up the steering would be to make sure to grease all grease-able joints. Do a visual check on all components and see what shows itself.

Let us know how it all goes.
Check the rag joint, new member jman1 had the same problem. Very dangerous.
After just a new hose ?
What kind of fluid was used to refill it?
Wrong fluid ? mixed ?

Agree with others check rag joint
You may have to adjust the box per JTS71 mach1 info

Good info / write up from JTS71


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