66 Mustang Restoration

I am trying my luck at posting a picture of my 66 Mustang I am currently restoring. I am following the instructions for uploading pictures but not sure it is working.

If you do not see my picture please tell me what I am doing wrong.

Thank you

You have succeeded with the picture.

Looks like great success with the 66 as well.

Very nice.
Thank you...the car was a real rust bucket when I purchased it and it had a rough life early on. The car was a clinic needing 3 out of 4 full frame rails. I am hoping to have the suspension back on the car by the end if the summer and start the body work over the winter. I really have a passion for these cars. I will keep everyone you posted on the progress.
Looks like its coming along good luck with the restore look forward to seeing it in its former glory again
Great work, I admire your talent and perseverance. Keep us updated.
Welcome3 Looking good! Thmbsup
Looks great so far keep the Pics coming we dont mind.Sign0175Clap_SSig_goodjob
                Here are a few before pictures of my 66 fastback. As you can see the front frames rails were rusted out; shock towers smashed in to make room for a larger motor; make shift frame connectors chicken welded in; rear torque boxes and frames rails completely rusted; and hidden rust behind rocker panels. On a positive note someone before me removed the upper and lower cowl panels. Ooops...this weakened the structure causing the to car flex at the firewall during transporation leaving the front frame rails misaligned. I was definately over my head on this car. Thank god for a master mustang friend!!

Wow - dedication.

I love the work.

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