Led lights not all that good.
(11-14-2018, 01:54 AM)John Wrote:
(11-13-2018, 08:25 PM)Mustangmike Wrote:
(11-13-2018, 10:31 AM)1969_Mach1 Wrote: I'll admit, the instrument panel lights in a 1969 Mustang are not very bright.  Even with good wiring, clean connections, and new printed circuit panel, lenses and bulb covers.  I still prefer it over LED's.  It's another reminder that it's an old car and that's how they were.

I am judging my light illumination based on the period of the car.  Maybe the obvious difference is now we take out our 50 year old classic car then hop into and drive away in a late model car that has the brightly colored LED cluster display then realize comparatively our classic car dash cluster barely illuminates.  But back in the day we never said "I wish my dash cluster illumination was brighter".  Like you said Mike, it was how they were plus we had nothing to compare them to at the time.

No argument a thorough run through of the entire electrical system and a good charging system will contribute to the brightness of your lights as well as the operation of other components relying on 12 volts.

I am new here but not new to life. My 1970 Mustang convertible is from the year I graduated from High School. My 1972 Mach1 is a sweet ride as well. In their day they were somewhat cutting edge rides but mainly they had style and lines we cannot find now and have not seen for decades. I also love the earlier Mustangs but at the time these were my options. I own these two because of their style, room to work on them, general simplicity of construction and ease of repair and modifications. Most of all though is the mental state they place me in when I gaze at them all cleaned up, running top notch, full of gas and a warm summer day is waiting for us to go for a ride. I am also a retired professional mechanic and automotive business owner/operator.
Some people say those were the good old days and that can and cannot be true in total. Let me explain. Let us start with tires. Back then tires were cutting edge but now fall far short of what all of us can install on our old rides. Same for exterior paint quality and duration not to mention modern paints do shine much better. Engine tolerances and the metallurgy were sub-standard back then to what we have today to rebuild these old rides. Better head designs, intake manifolds, ignition systems, coil quality and a bunch more under the hood is far better than back in the day. Yet the style and lines of current vehicles can never match what we had back then. Suspension options are better now than then. Head lights and options are by far better now than then. Glass is better. Quality carpet is better. Sound systems are by far better. The list goes on.
Back lighting gauges can be improved and can be made easier to see in the dark. But taste and nostalgia always plays into it. Accepting change and improvement is always a challenge for the previous generations and always will be. I am no exception. However as one who made a very successful career out of working on automobiles and running a business I can say staying current with improvements in vehicles effects quality control and the life span of the work done and customer satisfaction. Being willing to improve the safety and dependability of a vehicle is top shelf for me even in my old rides. I know this when I am out running my old rides hard on a empty country road I always think I would really hate to have something break and end up in a huge wreck in this old sled. Just a seat belt, solid steering column, no shoulder straps, no air bags and more has a real tendency to not push these old rides very hard.
My 1970 has more horsepower than any Boss ever dreamed of back in that day and it has been up graded to handle it better but regardless it is still old school. I like to smoke tires with my posi-loc, I love by mirror shaking radical cam lope and custom built stroker 302. The guttural exhaust through the headers and huge pipes and the fact it gets a thumbs up going down the road and at intersections every day. But it is still old school. The lines are fantastic, the look with modern Grabber Blue is great, the chin scoop, hood scoop, trunk wing, Boss stripping, blacked out grill all set it apart big time. Heck even the cops ask me to trade rides with them. Still it is a summer fair weather ride and is asleep now under the cover as we have snow on the ground. It is a summer dream, a flash back into my youth, both Mustangs help me stay young in thought and in life. I thank them for that opportunity.
 In the end though my blue LED dash lights and courtesy lights are a huge improvement over what I took out of the dash as I went through it. I can see the information much better with my older eyes which means less time off the road which means safer. The blue adds warmth and is not harsh yet is clear clean lighting which is an upgrade over the older back lighting which took me longer to see the information I was looking for. In short I can see my old school gauges better in the dark ;-). To each his own in life but one thing I do know I am not a purest. I will change with improvements and that crosses over to many other things in life to. The good old days were often very good yet on the other hand we really need to be honest about the rest of it.


I enjoyed your story and have to agree with everything you said.  Welcome to the site.  I look forward to hearing more about your cars and experiences.  Thumbup


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