Windshield Removal
If your serious about working on your Mustang, get a shop manual and a how to restore mustang book. Neither are adequate alone.

The first step in windshield removal is to remove the exterior trim around the glass. This requires a windshield trim removal tool. I found the right one at NAPA for about $10, however I actually used an incorrect tool which costs $3.60 from another parts store. This tool has handle with a flat piece of metal coming out in a Y shape. The bottom of the Y is in the handle and each of the top legs has a hook on the end. (You can fabricate a tool by cutting a notch in the end of a putty knife, this may actually be better as the blade is thinner.)

Windshield trim removal tool available at most parts stores

Front windshield removal

The first piece of trim to work on is the top on the passenger side. You insert this tool between the trim and weather seal to release the clips that hold on the trim. You slide the tool along until you feel the clip. See the attached drawing. Sliding the tool really means struggle with moving as there is sealer between the weather seal and the trim. It will take a while to get the feel on the first clip but after doing one the others will go rapidly. Once all the clips are released the trim will lift off. Repeat the process for all trim pieces.

With the trim off cut the weather seal using a very sharp knife or razor. The glass should be loose, if not, pass a knife blade between the glass and the weather seal. You should now be able to lift out the glass. One person pushes from the inside at the top of the glass. Another person on the outside controls the movement of the glass.
Rear glass removal

Use the same process for the rear glass except the side trim pieces are attached with screws on the outside rather than clips.

Notes on installation from Charles Turner on Vintage Mustang Discussion Group

Ford DID use sealant, I don't know where you heard they didn't, but they are wrong! Installation is better with 2 people. Here are the installation steps:

-3M Windshield glazing putty, 2 tubes
-caulking gun
-1/8"-1/4" thick rope(about 10-15 feet of it)
-solvent for cleanup


1. -make sure area around window opening is clean and all moulding clips are in good order. replace them if necessary
2. -install rubber around glass(do not use a silicone or anything to get it to slide better, just put it on)
3. -put the rope in the little channel on the inside part of the rubber. start from the bottom and go all the way around leaving enough on each end to grab onto
4. -lay the glass up against the car and get it centered. make sure the rope is accessible from inside the car. if you can, try to nestle the bottom lip onto the window frame
5. -get inside the car and grab onto the rope. Keep the rope up tight to the glass and always pull toward the center of the glass. You'll need someone to push down on the windshield while you pull the rope out.
6. -once all the rope is pulled out, slap the glass with your hand to get it to go down in place. Dont use too much force or else you'll break the glass.
7. -cut a small opening in the end of the caulk tube and make it so you can get the tip inbetween the glass and rubber. run a bead across the whole front
8. -caulk in-between the rubber and body. use like a popsicle stick or something to push the sealant down into the gap. Try to get a nice consistent covering to where the seal and body are almost flush looking
9. -for the mouldings, on the windshield, install the lower first, then go to the sides, attach the two top pieces and install together.
10. -on the rear, do the top or bottom first, then do the sides.


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