Dashboard lights REALLY dim, any fixes??
Kind of puts it all in perspective! When it comes to websites, and info. This site is one of the best I've seen. It simply works. Thanks Joe for all you do to keep this site going, as I know it has it's moments. But between your efforts, and the members here. What can I say. I'm very proud to be a member here. Thanks Again Joe!  Cool

(11-21-2018, 03:52 PM)Mach 1 Club Wrote: Pretty funny I was searching for some info on flickering dash lights  on my 70 on Google and found my own site  Laughing

Did you find the cause of the issue?  Bad IP ground (it's behind the left side of the IP attached to the metal dash with a sheet metal screw), bad printed circuit panel, bad electrical connection to printed circuit panel?   I'd think those are most common causes if it's only the IP lights flickering.  Does the radio light flicker as well?

If you need to remove the IP, the dash pad needs to first be removed.  It's a simple job.  Takes 10-15 minutes or so to remove it.  When removing the dash pad, the clock panel above the glove box comes off with the dash pad as one piece.  That is unless a previous owner broke the tabs on the backside of the clock panel that attach it to the dash pad.
Does anybody have any color comparisons with the various LED bulbs and installation techniques?

I'm curious because I went with white LEDs, removed the blue diffusers, and couldn't be happier with the 'white' glow.  I recently had the opportunity to drive home in the dark a few weekends ago (OK, so since my headlights STILL aren't aimed right, it was more like "feeling my way home in the dark" - LOL!), and noticed that the LEDs were 'just about right' as far as the brightness of the gauges in the dark.  They weren't quite as bright as the dash lights in my 2012 Ram, but they also weren't too far off, either.

I also did the 'leave one incandescent bulb on the circuit and you'll be able to dim the LEDs, which doesn't seem to be working (not that I really care, though).

I have to pull my instrument cluster to re-attach the speedo cable and work on my illuminated switches, along with swap a new movement console clock from RCCI soon, so I'll post up some pics of those with the night-time dash lights within the next few weeks.
I will be looking forward to those night time light shots.

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