My old Queensland Ambulance
I meant to email Steven Harris along time ago to show him some photos but I thought I will post here. He might log on and have a read.

It is a 1985 XF Falcon that was originally a wagon ( that is why it has four doors) , the Ambulance service purchased it new and converted it. They were used at rural locations in the Queensland outback. I found it at a garage sale. Luckily I knew of another one locally and finally convinced the owner to sell it and I have used it as a donor. The donor has a fair bit of rust but nothing that couldn't be fixed if we wanted to put it back on the road.

I have owned it for about a year and a half now. Back in March after having it for around 12 months and the furthest I had been in it was around 200km round trip I decided I would drive it to the 40th anniversary for Mad Max 2 movie which was held at the town where the movie was filmed (Silverton). It ended up being just over 3000km round trip. I was nervous as the car hadn't been looked after before I got it but it was awesome and the only thing that broke was the drivers outside door handle. I camped in it, it was a great trip. Here's some photos in no particular order.

    The car as it is now 
    The donor car
    My two cars
    Camping out at a truck stop
    Outside police station at Wilcannia
    Broken Hill
    South Australian border
    Mad Max museum in Silverton
    Mad Max compound
    Mad Max compound
    The garage sale ad photo, He was going to sell two of the three cars and whichever one didn't sell was going to keep which ended up being the white wagon.
Now that's a Cool old rig. Most all Ambulances over here are built on 1 Ton truck chassis, and have a large box on the back, tall enough you can stand up in them. They are pretty well equipped, and are usually manned by 2 EMT's / Paramedics. If they can't save you, you were probably dead anyway.  I almost bought one, as they could be had for $1500.00. We have an Ambulance factory a few miles from me, and they sell off the old ones from time to time. I wanted to make a car hauler out of one, unfortunately I never found just the right one. Maybe someday. I can see yours being a great camper rig! 

Very cool! Thanks for sharing the pictures.

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