Major Winter projects
I've been racking my brain since I read your post yesterday. But I can't remember how the power steering pump mounted up. Most likely because the AC compressor was mounted directly over it. And I can't think of a place to get a picture of it mounted??? or a parts blowup which would show you everything? I'll keep thinking. 

I went to the search bar and typed in 71 Mustang Power Steering Pump Diagram, then clicked images. It brought up several different diagrams. 2 of which I remember. Both had the big old metal canister power steering pump, with 2 different style mounts. Have a look and see which one looks closest. Cause you're correct what you've got now isn't correct. Hope it helps.

Catastrophe averted. Roger Rode has one for me. And my bracket turned out to be for a 302 and not a 351c. He makes them and is sending me one. Game on
Cool glad you found one. Ford has made a gazillion different brackets, for every possible option you could think of, on every different engine. It's a wonder anyone can ever find the right bracket.  Confused   LOL!

Got about 50 miles on over the last weekend. Pretty happy about everything. Got my AC charged today and wow I love AC! 
I do need to adjust the clutch a bit. No biggie there...
Small issue though..power steering pump and gearbox got rebuilt by Roger Rode. Only problem now is it doesn't want to turn right very far and then I feel lots of tension. But if I raise the front end off the ground, it goes lock to lock with no issues at all. Put it on the ground, right turns at slow speed are a bear. I tried bleeding any air out of the system by taking the cap off the pump and let it idle for about 10 mins. Turned the wheels lock to lock about 30 times. Still the same result..what gives??? I want to put more break in miles but turning right is pretty important.
Boy that's weird? I've never heard of a problem only going halfway? Usually power steering works, or it doesn't. Simple as that. Sounds like a question for Mr Rodes???

Yea im stumped too. I've researched all over the interweb and can't find anything that has my same problem
Think I'm just gonna say screw it and buy another gearbox and pump. I've spent way too much money with my winter projects to have this stupid steering problem keep me off the road.
Ok so FF a few weeks..
Got the steering issue resolved and got my break in miles done. Man it's a blast to drive. And I know the new rear end and tremec tkx can handle alot more power. So naturally I want more. I've been doing lots of research on stroking the 351C. Think a 408 is my route I'll be going too. I'd like to end up 650 ish HP when its all said and done. Told my fiance about my plans...all she said was "like you knew this wouldn't happen". 
 I may start a new thread for the engine build.
Well 650 Hp out of 408 cubes is a pretty lofty number. I had a 71 Mach1 with all the goodies in a 351C, and it was 500+. So I believe it's doable. Remember all it takes is Money! What block are you starting with? Factory, early Cleveland, or the later Modified Cleveland Block. You can tell the STD 351C From the later Modified block by the distance between the 2 upper bolts for the Bellhousing the Std is about 3 1/2 inches apart, and the Modified is about 7 7/8 inches. Pretty easy to tell just by looking. The modified blocks are thickened in several areas, as the early Cleveland's had trouble with them cracking. There were also 4 bolt main blocks, I believe they were scarce as hen's teeth. Don't worry the 2 bolt blocks will take anything you can throw at it. Hope it helps. Good Luck.  Cool


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