New Member, New Stang, New Questions
(Update: trying to post pics but it's not working out)

Hello everyone, first off I'm proud to say I purchased my dream car at the ripe old age of 25 and I hope the Mach 1 legend carries all the way through my life and inspires some new youngsters along the way.
I bought me a Rough and Rollin' Mach 1 for 2K. I think it was a good deal but only time will tell. No motor (had a 351c), stock auto trans, front end rusted out, no rear end (has a ranger axle to roll), virtually no interior except for drivers seat and some dash components. It's been painted several times and even the interior once. Factory was light pewter metallic ext, vermillion knitted vinyl int.

My intention for the stang was to restomod the s*** out of it. However when I bought it from the guy he told me a story, emphasis on "story", about the stang and I'm doubtful of it but it might make the car a rare jewel. To me it seamed like some bs to get me to buy the car faster, or maybe the story was told to him by whoever he bought it from and actually believed it, regardless I'm not sure how much you can trust a man who went through a whole 12 pack of busch lite in the 20 or so minutes I was there lol

He said the mustang was one of the first set of cars made in the new body style, the ones they used for display at various places around the country. That it was one of the first hundred or so of the 71 body made in 70. The vin and data plate tell me otherwise but I will say the date of production on the door jamb says 9/70. I'm not sure how early in 70 they started making them or how you can tell for sure if it's a "display". Obviously the vin says 71 which is why I had my doubts but I'd hate to resto mod the car should it be true.

So that's my main question.
Anyways if the car is a standard issue 71 Mach, then I'll go ahead with my restomod build and will have many more questions regarding it.

Thanks for reading and stay classy
My car is a 73 and was built October 1972 so I guess if yours was an early 71 it should probably have been built in 70?
Yes US car makers all start production of the New year cars in Sept of the year before. That's so they could have them in showrooms by the first of the New Year. I don't think this isn't so big an issue anymore. But back in the 60's and 70's they didn't come off the line, as quickly as they do now. And as far as being a display model ????? I think his 20 pack was getting the best of him. All manufactures did promotions to hype up the new models but to my knowledge they were just regular cars, nothing special to set them apart from the rest. I hope someone else knows more then I do I lived it for the most part, but I sure didn't, and don't know everything. That's the Greatness of this Forum. Collectively we are the most knowledgeable bunch on the Internet! About Mach1's anyway. LOL!  Cool

Welcome Wyatt,

Congratulations!  Rare or not you are a Mach 1 owner!

I am not sure of first production date for the 1971 Mach 1 but with a bit of research that information should not be hard to locate.  The actual production run number might quickly tell the story as well.  Again a quick research should shed some light on the facts.

A Marti Report will also help clear up the "story" from the substance if you were inclined to spend a few bucks - their basic report is well worth the information that it will reveal.  If it's truly "rare" it will throw a flag and you can be assured several contacts will be made.

Regardless - enjoy the ride.

Steven Harris

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