Jackwagon died on highway..FML…
Saturday I was on my way to a golf outing I organized for my hockey league and was about 2 miles from the course doing maybe 85 or so and heard a small “pop” from the motor. Lost all power and was barely able to make it off the exit and pull off into the gravel. Tried to restart it and it seemed like the battery was very weak, like there wasn’t enough power to turn the motor over. Luckily a buddy that was going to the golf outing happened to come by and stopped. I hooked up cables and thought maybe it just needed a jump. Same thing. Hardly turned over and no start. So I stopped immediately trying and thought maybe I jumped timing a tooth or 2 and didn’t want to mess anything else up. Had it towed to a garage I trust to work on it. That was Saturday. Of course it was killing me so I went yesterday and played with it since they couldn’t get to it til Tuesday. 
I turned the crank to TDC and then looked where the distributor cap was pointing…not to #1 at all. I’m praying it didn’t destroy anything in the heads or pistons. The motor was rebuilt about 5k miles ago and has been very strong. 
Does this sound like it just jumped timing a bit? I plan on doing a new timing chain at a minimum at this point if that’s the case. It has a stock points distributor and i had planned on doing an electronic ignition soon and this maybe just sped up that purchase too.
If the rotor isn't pointed at #1 at TDC is it off 180 degrees? You have to be on TDC compression stroke. Turn the engine, and see if the rotor moves? If it does the timing chain is still intact. Check the pin that lines up the distributor gear and the distributor shaft. I have also seen a rotor button break. Check that it won't turn on the shaft. If the rotor doesn't move at all, when turning the engine, it's the timing chain. There could be a couple other causes, but that's what comes to mind off the top of my head. Hope it helps. 

Well i dodged a huge bullet. The roll pin sheared on the dizzy. Looks like nothing else was affected. So I ordered a MSD run ready distributor. Been meaning to for a while, this just sped up the purchase. I did go ahead and buy the tach adapter too. Hopefully all will be better as soon as it comes in tomorrow.
Cool deal simple easy fix / upgrade.  Cool

I don't know what motor you are working with, if it's a small block ford, does it have a high volume or high pressure oil pump in it?  Small block Fords typically don't need them unless they are spinning high RPM a lot.  And they add a lot of load to the distributor gear, roll pin, and cam gear driving the distributor.

Something usually causes the roll pin to shear such as too much load or not enough press fit of the dist gear onto the dist shaft.
I have no idea about the pump. The motor was rebuilt right before we got the car 5 years ago. From the looks of the distributor, it is the original unit so I’m sure it needed replacement. It’s 351c with 2v heads, C4 transmission and 3.00 gears. This winter the 3 speed auto is coming out for a 5 speed and 3.55 gears. Just got done replacing all the front and rear suspension and completely new brake system including booster, mc, and all new lines everywhere. Added a rear sway bar too which made a huge difference in handling
What are the chances that anything is down in the oil pan or pump? Thinking draining the oil and changing filter at a minimum is a good idea. Would rather not have to pull the pan and check the oil pump…
What does the dist gear, etc. look like after you pull the distributor.  That would indicate if everything is still attached to the distributor.
You should have the pieces of the roll pin usually 3, depending on how it sheared off, and whether it was installed correctly with equal parts of the pin on each side. Changing the oil and filter sure couldn't hurt. I'm curious as to the wear on the dist gear? If any. Remember flat tappet cam / cast gear. Roller cam / steel gear. Just questions at this point.  SCo_hmmthink

I’ll check the distributor and see what I find. It’s at a buddy’s garage that builds hot rods and drag cars and he’s the one that found the pin sheared. MSD run ready distributor comes in tomorrow and I’m doing all that on Saturday so I’ll report back. But if I don’t find all the pieces, I’m probably gonna pull the pan off and inspect everything. Just piece of mind…and if I find it has a high flow pump, it’s coming out for sure. Everything I’ve read says they’re not good for a street driven 351c. But I’m pretty geeked about having electronic ignition.
 Has many people done a fuel injection conversion on our 351c? That’s something else I’ve really been thinking about doing soon too. I do love carbureted motors but it’ll just be less maintenance and more reliable.. I’ll never ever sell this car, being a family heirloom from my dad who passed, so I’d like this car to be very reliable and have as many modern creature comforts as I can give her

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