2021 Mach1 Owner
My First car was a 1971 Mustang Mach1, purchased in 1984.  I worked hard for 2 years to save the money to buy that car and was extremely proud of it.  Drove that thing all through high school and took it to college.  After a career ending football injury and subsequent loss of scholarship, I did what any dumb poor athlete did back then...I dropped out of school and joined the military.  While in training, my Dad “sold” the car.  We didn’t speak for years after that.  Thankfully, we reconciled later in life, but I never forgot about that Mustang.  So...I am happy to say, a couple of weeks ago I took delivery of a 2021 Mach1 Mustang...life is good.
SSig_welcome4  Great story. Dad's have a talent for doing things we may not understand, at least in that moment in time. Sometimes for our own good, and sometimes not. I miss mine terribly, but I'd of had a hard time of it, if he sold My Mach1 while I was gone to the military! 

Absolutely Cool  Cool You got a 2021 Mach1!  50Years after the First one WOW!!! So How is it!!! Is it everything we all hope it is??? I ain't rich enough to just go out, and get one, so I'll have to rely on you, to Make me want one. LOL!  Thumbup
Welcome to the Club, and Hopefully you can make us all drool a little bit more, about the new Mach1! Your top dog right now as I believe your the first 2021 Mach1 owner we've got. We got lots of info on the old stuff, but you'll have to school us on the New One!! Wow!

Pics? Did I mention we like Pics? 

Welcome to the site from Virginia.  Looking forward to seeing pictures and hearing more about the new Mach 1's.
Welcome to the club. I'm sure you will enjoy the new Mach 1, Ready for a review on it and the pics. Congrats. 

When I bought my 69 Mach 1 in 1987, I was 17, I titled it with my dad. Within 6 months of driving it to school and work, I got 2 reckless driving tickets within 2 weeks. My license was restricted  for 30 days, but my dad never threatened to sell my car. Reason is, he knew how much hard work I did over the summer of 87 to finish getting it painted and putting it back together. I also had a job working at Exxon so at least I was making some money and showed responsibility. My car also survived staying at my boss's house when I went into the Marine Corps, and then when I went over to the Gulf War. My parents had plenty of chances to sell my car (without my permission) but that never happened. They always said it would be up to me to ever sell that car. 1 interested buyer wanted to buy it for a Movie that they were making, I don't know which movie it could have been, but it would have been cool if it was John Wick. So as to this day I still own the car and now it's going through the 2nd rebuild of it. I have photos under another post.

Again, congrats on the new purchase.
Thanks for the “welcome”...I’m new to the message board thing, still learning so please be patient with me.  Here are some “first pics” of the Mach 1.  

Took the Mach 1 to a local car meet...won best of show.  It’s really not a big deal...I live in a small town and it was the only “new” car to the event.  This particular car club meets once a month, and has the same 12 to 15 cars to show up.  Being the new guy and having a new car is probably to reason for the trophy...I thought it was neat though, first car meet and won a trophy.

Here’s Delivery Day!
Definitely a nasty looking Mach1, It's way more aggressive looking then the 70, but hey times have changed. In 1970 That Mach1 was Badd Assed. Cool to win a trophy even if you were the only "New Car" there. I think Ford Missed the boat by not putting a Shaker Scoop on the hood, or the later twin scoop, like the 71 to 73's

Ps Love the T shirt. Yes Marty, at all cost avoid 2020!

(04-22-2021, 12:51 PM)JTS71 Mach1 Wrote: Definitely a nasty looking Mach1, It's way more aggressive looking then the 70, but hey times have changed. In 1970 That Mach1 was Badd Assed. Cool to win a trophy even if you were the only "New Car" there. I think Ford Missed the boat by not putting a Shaker Scoop on the hood, or the later twin scoop, like the 71 to 73's

Ps Love the T shirt.  Yes Marty, at all cost avoid 2020!

I wasn’t sure about the “shaker hood scoop” missing as well at first...but now, I have to say I’m not sure it would work on this car...just my opinion.  I do think some kind of Ram Air hood like on the 71 thru 73’s might work, again just my opinion.  


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