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Hello everyone, 

I'm new to the forum, but not to mach 1's. I had a 71 4 speed car in highschool in the late 80's. I sold it in 94 to buy my first house. In 2004 I bought a brand new azure blue mach 1 while in the army and living in Germany Drink_to_that . That was fun to drive around in Germany (Switzerland, Italy, and Austria too) and see the heads turn. I still have that car, but it wasn't/isn't the same as my old highschool 'sweetheart', so in 2008 I bought a 73 mach 1 project car, but never really had time to work on it until now. That is what brings me to your website. I have been working on it for a couple of months now and I have been reading as a guest for a while and decided to join up. To be honest, I am not a big forum poster and usually go to them for information and tech stuff when I need it. I'm going to need alot of little detail info because this car has apparently been several other people's project car and never finished. So, now there are lots of little "why is that like that" or my favorite "why don't the second set of motor mounts fit".  

I hope that I can contribute useful information to someone here too. The info below is not to brag, but more to state I understand most highly detailed information and prefer it that way. I have been turning wrenches for 35+ years.
Short story about me: 
Professional mechanic 1989-1997 specialized in transmission rebuilding/overhaul. ASE Master Tech 2006-2011. 
Army 1997-2006, six years as a UH-60 blackhawk crewcheif/repairer. 
2007 AAS in Automotive Technology from Central Texas College
2012 BS in Mechnical Engineering Kansas State University
2013-2020 Project/Repair Technology Engineer at G.E. Transportation specializing in engines
Welcome. A new guy, and a know it all. LOL. You got some impressive credentials. A Mach1 is a worthy adversary as there are a lot of options, and differences between trim packages, engine, drivetrain, suspension. This went with that, but didn't include this, or can't be used with that, etc. etc. etc. So ask to your hearts content, cause collectively we know more then you do??? Well maybe   Confused  LOL. Again Welcome Lots of good people, and lots of info but then again you already know that.  Cool

Thanks. I'm here to learn from you guys that have been restoring and working on these cars for years. Most of my knowledge on these cars is from way back when I had my old one. I remember almost everyone was a little different. This 73 is an oddball. I have never seen one with standard (white) interior- no tach or gauges, base door panels and seat, but it had the long console from the factory. The car had a brown short console missing the ashtray laying inside when I bought it. When I checked on ebay it was cheaper and easier to buy a complete black one. Beside the previous owner had already started changing everthing over to black. Anyway, I get the short console in the mail and set it in to test fit and there aren't any screw holes in the floorpan. I looked closer and the screw holes with screws for a long console are running down the driveshaft tunel. Then I thought to myself "that explains the 3-pin wire conector under the center of the dash". This car is a long way from finished and I am not buying a long console anytime soon.

Well now I'm off to search for my answer to the 1973 302 motor mount problem. Let the learning begin.
They don't make new engine mounts for the 73 so you need to use earlier mounts and swap the brackets for earlier ones as well. Maybe the brackets have been changed already?
Yeah, I found a post saying that, but I don't think that is absolutely correct. After a lot of digging, I found this in the 1973 factory Ford service manual and it shows the RH engine mount for a Torino or Montego having the same part number as both sides of the mustang. It also shows the frame brackets on the mustang being LH/RH and model specific, which you already knew. From the looks of the mount in the diagram, and picture below, they are correct. So, I ordered two RH mounts, pn 2371. I just wish I had the actual Ford parts manual from 1973 to confirm the numbers are the same. I also, looked up the mounts for 1973 cougars with 351C and they list the same RH mounts for the Torino/Montego fitting. I may have to go back and order the LH (2370) side to get it to fit. I figure ~$30 for mounts to test fit vs. trying to find and buy the frame bracket is easy enough. I may end up having to go the bracket route in the end. I will update with the results and post it to the other thread about the mount problem if the mounts work. Maybe I am going over old ground, but from a manufacturing standpoint it doesn't make sense to me to have single model line mount. Most parts like this fit several model lines. Most of the time it is the "visual appeal" stuff that is different.

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