That new/old Jeep smell
Went to Austin, TX last Saturday and scored a complete '86 258/T-5/D300 for my pal's '86 Golden Eagle, and found me a 304/TF-999 for my '80 CJ-7. Of all the luck, the 304/TF-999 came with an '80 CJ-7 Laredo, which I'm thinking my other BFF needs a Jeep project, once I swap the 304/TF-999 for my 258/T-176. Also scored an early YJ top for mine (I like the bigger windows), and grabbed some half doors, a YJ soft top, and some 'like new' CJ fenders for my pal's new project.

[Image: IMG_0739.thumb.jpg.d60771047a0853131f182ac225b23020.jpg]

[Image: IMG_0734.thumb.jpg.688ad46f8da8704da124b25d07006ca1.jpg]

[Image: IMG_0735.thumb.jpg.76266ecdcaa5c6171829a2d2299eb6ef.jpg]

I got really super lucky. My buddy Harry was looking for a 'new' 258 for his Jeep, and found a guy on Austin Craigslist selling the '80 Laredo, since I'd mentioned a long time ago wanting to swap in an AMC V8 & TF-999 - we were originally thinking of me getting the Jeep, swapping the 304 & TF-999 into mine, using the Jeep for parts, and giving him the 258/T-176, but then he noticed the same guy had another ad for the '86 258/T-5/D300 also for sale. He decided to go for that, and I also found a bunch of other listings (an '89 258/TF-999/D300 and thought about getting that, but then I asked my other buddy Dave if I got the Jeep, if he'd be interested in a project Jeep after I swapped in my 258/T-176 - which he was indeed interested).
So, I've had yet another car-related "SQUIRREL!" moment, but at least it's not a 'new' car project... just freshening up an old one and hookin' up my BFF with a new toy.  At least it's not as bad as my Mustang project started out - with the engine and tranny from my Jeep in there, at least it'll be a runner when Dave comes to pick it up.  ;)
BTW, this is my Jeep - the one that will receive the AMC 304 V8 and TF-999 automatic transmission, and will provide the 258 I-6 and T-176 4-speed for the black one when the swap is all done.  Should be a blast making all of that happen before January.

[Image: ericjeep1.jpg]
Now we understand the moniker of Mister 4X4, Not bad being able to score the motor, and a solid jeep to boot. Looks like all turned out well. I wish all deals went that good. Keep us updated, as a Project is a Project. No matter what it is, it's cool.  Cool

Thanks!  Should be pretty straight-forward, since both are '80 models.  Swapping drivetrains on two similar vehicles shouldn't be too big of a deal after bringing my Mach 1 back from the dead, I'm hoping.  Pray

When I got my first e-mail address at a local ISP, the guy asked me what I wanted it to be, and I had nothin' - I didn't want to be 'EricH4672' or something boring like that.  He looked out the window, saw the Jeep, then asked, "What about Mister 4x4?"  Ding, ding, ding!  We have a winner.  That happened back in '96 and I've had it ever since.   Cool

The sticker was from a 4x4 shop in Utah (where I grew up) - I bought a bunch of cool stuff and parts from them over the years.
That's a cool way to get a moniker. I got JTS 71 Mach1 for obvious reasons, JTS my initials, and I owned a 71 Mach1. So it just fit. Back in the Early 70's I was also into CB radios, which of course you had to have a "Handle". My Dad's was UFO. He loved things about UFO's, and it fit his driving style. I couldn't come up with anything I liked, and one day while talking with Mom, and Dad, They said well you like things about Psychic, abilities, powers etc. And at the time I was single, (no Girlfriend) so I was alone. So I combined the two, and "Psycholone" was born! It has been my CB Handle since June 1974. Just a cool little tid bit into the madness. 1022

After some major cleaning of the garage, picking up some big tools (26-gallon air compressor, low-profile transmission jack, full set of wheel skates, and a tow bar), I'm finally ready to bring Dave's Jeep home from Harry's back yard.

My wife decided we needed to rename the Jeeps, since Dave's Jeep is being pieced together from others, it's now "Klooge."  "Klooge" was a name Dave used to use for his toon when we played Unreal Tournament so many years ago, so I asked my wife if I needed to rename mine to "Dookie" (my toon's name), and just like that... "Dookie" it is.  My wife likes to name our vehicles, and she's pretty much a genius about it, as well... so, it's all good.

Here we are in front of Harry's house with Klooge hooked up to Clifford (The Big Red Dodge - wife's fault again, LOL).  It towed like a dream... probably would've been even better with the right amount of air in the tires.  LOL!
[Image: IMG_0755.thumb.jpg.3506169125c649e264bea582e594f1fd.jpg]

Tow bar from Tractor Supply for only $150.  Not a bad deal.  Did just fine.
[Image: IMG_0756.thumb.jpg.bef998fd716819bc7ae58e197352d43d.jpg]

Finally found a use for the bumperettes, since there's so much bondo on the side panel, and since the diamond plate's non-ferrous...
[Image: IMG_0757.thumb.jpg.c48d908416eefd9733d7e7351aa7a2f9.jpg]

And here we are in the driveway.  Klooge and Dookie, brothers reunited, and will be donors for a major heart transplant between the two.  
[Image: IMG_0758.thumb.jpg.e15b01a466f99d1403dd32edaed1c1b5.jpg]
Tomorrow, I start in on getting Klooge ready to pull the 304 & TF-999.

Don't worry, the Mach 1 is safety tucked away in the garage, and I have some motivation for a quick turn on this project, since Klooge is blocking it in - ain't goin' nowhere until I get this Jeep out of the way.  Not to mention, the wife's not all that impressed by having her car hanging halfway out from under the carport... even MORE motivation to get these engines swapped in the next few days.  Pray
Wives can be so demanding! Especially when it's "Theirs" hanging out in the cold, so to speak. LOL! Good Luck with the Yeeps. 


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