That new/old Jeep smell
Went to Austin, TX last Saturday and scored a complete '86 258/T-5/D300 for my pal's '86 Golden Eagle, and found me a 304/TF-999 for my '80 CJ-7. Of all the luck, the 304/TF-999 came with an '80 CJ-7 Laredo, which I'm thinking my other BFF needs a Jeep project, once I swap the 304/TF-999 for my 258/T-176. Also scored an early YJ top for mine (I like the bigger windows), and grabbed some half doors, a YJ soft top, and some 'like new' CJ fenders for my pal's new project.

[Image: IMG_0739.thumb.jpg.d60771047a0853131f182ac225b23020.jpg]

[Image: IMG_0734.thumb.jpg.688ad46f8da8704da124b25d07006ca1.jpg]

[Image: IMG_0735.thumb.jpg.76266ecdcaa5c6171829a2d2299eb6ef.jpg]

I got really super lucky. My buddy Harry was looking for a 'new' 258 for his Jeep, and found a guy on Austin Craigslist selling the '80 Laredo, since I'd mentioned a long time ago wanting to swap in an AMC V8 & TF-999 - we were originally thinking of me getting the Jeep, swapping the 304 & TF-999 into mine, using the Jeep for parts, and giving him the 258/T-176, but then he noticed the same guy had another ad for the '86 258/T-5/D300 also for sale. He decided to go for that, and I also found a bunch of other listings (an '89 258/TF-999/D300 and thought about getting that, but then I asked my other buddy Dave if I got the Jeep, if he'd be interested in a project Jeep after I swapped in my 258/T-176 - which he was indeed interested).
So, I've had yet another car-related "SQUIRREL!" moment, but at least it's not a 'new' car project... just freshening up an old one and hookin' up my BFF with a new toy.  At least it's not as bad as my Mustang project started out - with the engine and tranny from my Jeep in there, at least it'll be a runner when Dave comes to pick it up.  ;)
BTW, this is my Jeep - the one that will receive the AMC 304 V8 and TF-999 automatic transmission, and will provide the 258 I-6 and T-176 4-speed for the black one when the swap is all done.  Should be a blast making all of that happen before January.

[Image: ericjeep1.jpg]
Now we understand the moniker of Mister 4X4, Not bad being able to score the motor, and a solid jeep to boot. Looks like all turned out well. I wish all deals went that good. Keep us updated, as a Project is a Project. No matter what it is, it's cool.  Cool

Thanks!  Should be pretty straight-forward, since both are '80 models.  Swapping drivetrains on two similar vehicles shouldn't be too big of a deal after bringing my Mach 1 back from the dead, I'm hoping.  Pray

When I got my first e-mail address at a local ISP, the guy asked me what I wanted it to be, and I had nothin' - I didn't want to be 'EricH4672' or something boring like that.  He looked out the window, saw the Jeep, then asked, "What about Mister 4x4?"  Ding, ding, ding!  We have a winner.  That happened back in '96 and I've had it ever since.   Cool

The sticker was from a 4x4 shop in Utah (where I grew up) - I bought a bunch of cool stuff and parts from them over the years.
That's a cool way to get a moniker. I got JTS 71 Mach1 for obvious reasons, JTS my initials, and I owned a 71 Mach1. So it just fit. Back in the Early 70's I was also into CB radios, which of course you had to have a "Handle". My Dad's was UFO. He loved things about UFO's, and it fit his driving style. I couldn't come up with anything I liked, and one day while talking with Mom, and Dad, They said well you like things about Psychic, abilities, powers etc. And at the time I was single, (no Girlfriend) so I was alone. So I combined the two, and "Psycholone" was born! It has been my CB Handle since June 1974. Just a cool little tid bit into the madness. 1022


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