That new/old Jeep smell
Went to Austin, TX last Saturday and scored a complete '86 258/T-5/D300 for my pal's '86 Golden Eagle, and found me a 304/TF-999 for my '80 CJ-7. Of all the luck, the 304/TF-999 came with an '80 CJ-7 Laredo, which I'm thinking my other BFF needs a Jeep project, once I swap the 304/TF-999 for my 258/T-176. Also scored an early YJ top for mine (I like the bigger windows), and grabbed some half doors, a YJ soft top, and some 'like new' CJ fenders for my pal's new project.

[Image: IMG_0739.thumb.jpg.d60771047a0853131f182ac225b23020.jpg]

[Image: IMG_0734.thumb.jpg.688ad46f8da8704da124b25d07006ca1.jpg]

[Image: IMG_0735.thumb.jpg.76266ecdcaa5c6171829a2d2299eb6ef.jpg]

I got really super lucky. My buddy Harry was looking for a 'new' 258 for his Jeep, and found a guy on Austin Craigslist selling the '80 Laredo, since I'd mentioned a long time ago wanting to swap in an AMC V8 & TF-999 - we were originally thinking of me getting the Jeep, swapping the 304 & TF-999 into mine, using the Jeep for parts, and giving him the 258/T-176, but then he noticed the same guy had another ad for the '86 258/T-5/D300 also for sale. He decided to go for that, and I also found a bunch of other listings (an '89 258/TF-999/D300 and thought about getting that, but then I asked my other buddy Dave if I got the Jeep, if he'd be interested in a project Jeep after I swapped in my 258/T-176 - which he was indeed interested).
So, I've had yet another car-related "SQUIRREL!" moment, but at least it's not a 'new' car project... just freshening up an old one and hookin' up my BFF with a new toy.  At least it's not as bad as my Mustang project started out - with the engine and tranny from my Jeep in there, at least it'll be a runner when Dave comes to pick it up.  ;)
BTW, this is my Jeep - the one that will receive the AMC 304 V8 and TF-999 automatic transmission, and will provide the 258 I-6 and T-176 4-speed for the black one when the swap is all done.  Should be a blast making all of that happen before January.

[Image: ericjeep1.jpg]
Now we understand the moniker of Mister 4X4, Not bad being able to score the motor, and a solid jeep to boot. Looks like all turned out well. I wish all deals went that good. Keep us updated, as a Project is a Project. No matter what it is, it's cool.  Cool

Thanks!  Should be pretty straight-forward, since both are '80 models.  Swapping drivetrains on two similar vehicles shouldn't be too big of a deal after bringing my Mach 1 back from the dead, I'm hoping.  Pray

When I got my first e-mail address at a local ISP, the guy asked me what I wanted it to be, and I had nothin' - I didn't want to be 'EricH4672' or something boring like that.  He looked out the window, saw the Jeep, then asked, "What about Mister 4x4?"  Ding, ding, ding!  We have a winner.  That happened back in '96 and I've had it ever since.   Cool

The sticker was from a 4x4 shop in Utah (where I grew up) - I bought a bunch of cool stuff and parts from them over the years.
That's a cool way to get a moniker. I got JTS 71 Mach1 for obvious reasons, JTS my initials, and I owned a 71 Mach1. So it just fit. Back in the Early 70's I was also into CB radios, which of course you had to have a "Handle". My Dad's was UFO. He loved things about UFO's, and it fit his driving style. I couldn't come up with anything I liked, and one day while talking with Mom, and Dad, They said well you like things about Psychic, abilities, powers etc. And at the time I was single, (no Girlfriend) so I was alone. So I combined the two, and "Psycholone" was born! It has been my CB Handle since June 1974. Just a cool little tid bit into the madness. 1022

After some major cleaning of the garage, picking up some big tools (26-gallon air compressor, low-profile transmission jack, full set of wheel skates, and a tow bar), I'm finally ready to bring Dave's Jeep home from Harry's back yard.

My wife decided we needed to rename the Jeeps, since Dave's Jeep is being pieced together from others, it's now "Klooge."  "Klooge" was a name Dave used to use for his toon when we played Unreal Tournament so many years ago, so I asked my wife if I needed to rename mine to "Dookie" (my toon's name), and just like that... "Dookie" it is.  My wife likes to name our vehicles, and she's pretty much a genius about it, as well... so, it's all good.

Here we are in front of Harry's house with Klooge hooked up to Clifford (The Big Red Dodge - wife's fault again, LOL).  It towed like a dream... probably would've been even better with the right amount of air in the tires.  LOL!
[Image: IMG_0755.thumb.jpg.3506169125c649e264bea582e594f1fd.jpg]

Tow bar from Tractor Supply for only $150.  Not a bad deal.  Did just fine.
[Image: IMG_0756.thumb.jpg.bef998fd716819bc7ae58e197352d43d.jpg]

Finally found a use for the bumperettes, since there's so much bondo on the side panel, and since the diamond plate's non-ferrous...
[Image: IMG_0757.thumb.jpg.c48d908416eefd9733d7e7351aa7a2f9.jpg]

And here we are in the driveway.  Klooge and Dookie, brothers reunited, and will be donors for a major heart transplant between the two.  
[Image: IMG_0758.thumb.jpg.e15b01a466f99d1403dd32edaed1c1b5.jpg]
Tomorrow, I start in on getting Klooge ready to pull the 304 & TF-999.

Don't worry, the Mach 1 is safety tucked away in the garage, and I have some motivation for a quick turn on this project, since Klooge is blocking it in - ain't goin' nowhere until I get this Jeep out of the way.  Not to mention, the wife's not all that impressed by having her car hanging halfway out from under the carport... even MORE motivation to get these engines swapped in the next few days.  Pray
Wives can be so demanding! Especially when it's "Theirs" hanging out in the cold, so to speak. LOL! Good Luck with the Yeeps. 

Well, things didn't go exactly as planned (do they ever?!).

I started in on the Jeep after I got it home, and made to decent progress.  Things were going well until Mom had to have a day surgery on the 29th (which went well) but then the weather went to crap, so I lost out on the remainder of my time off (we were also working on getting her place cleared out from that point on, as well).  I still had a few weekends before Dave was supposed to show up, so I wasn't too worried about getting things done - I actually got the engine out the weekend before he showed up, but that's where I got stalled.  And, life got in the way: Mom passed on 14 Jan - her medical issues finally caught up with her... at least it was peaceful and quick.  The day after, my pal Dave showed up and over the next week we finished removing the drivetrain from his new project, and swapped the engine, transmission, transfer case, drive shafts, exhaust, steering column & brake pedal assembly from my Jeep into his new project (after I pulled all of the same out it).  About 10 days later, he loaded it up and took it home to Phoenix to start in on his own Jeep project.  

Now I need to finish tearing down the engine for the machine shop, rehab the transmission and transfer case, rebuild the steering column, clean up the brake pedal assembly, and put it all back together, along with paint the new YJ top and 'paddle handle' doors Dave brought me, install a new carpet kit, update the stereo, (re)install the A/C, and rebuild the TJ seat brackets for my CJ-7 to be road-worthy and ready for the future.  I'm planning on retiring in another 7 years, so I'm hoping to have all my major projects out of the way by then so I can just enjoy my toys going forward.

Here's the link to my Jeep blog with all the gory details of the engine swap so far:  I'll do my best to post updates to this thread moving forward.
So Sorry to hear your Mom Passed.  Pray

   Well I can relate to things not going as planned. I work for my local school district. So I've been on Spring Break! this week, Yippee yippee yea yea. Awwww Shittttt! I spent most of the week from Sunday through, to Friday working on my Sons 2009 Mazda 5 Mini Van. It started out simple enough, swap the guts from his broken key fob into a new case as Walmart broke the old fob when he got a couple tires last week. So he simply bought a new one, and swapped the guts, from one to another, cause it has the Ford P.A.T.S. ( Passive Anti Theft System). And if it doesn't read the "Chip" in the key! It locks the Damn anti theft system, and you can't start the car!!!! Every thing turns on, and works, it just won't engage the starter. Dammit!!! This is the second time I've fought with this system. The first was with my 2012 Fusion. By the time I was done it cost me $500.00 cause they (Mark Martin Ford) blew the computer, when their Technicians laptop died, while trying to program the computer in my Fusion to accept the new keys.

 So here we go again! Locked the Damn security system! So Monday morning I load the Mazda up on the trailer, and off we go to the Local Ford Dealer. (not Mark Martin) Even though it's a Mazda, it's got Ford electronics. They tried, and were unable to unlock it. While it does have Ford electronics, it is a Mazda built vehicle. so it has their "Proprietary" software. Only a Mazda dealer can unlock it. So back up, and onto the trailer! Off to the Mazda dealer about a hundred miles away. So they said not a problem we can probably get to it Tuesday. Pick it up Wednesday Cost for programming and 1 key $218.00, and had to spend an extra 68.00 to order a second key, as they only had the one in stock!
So finally it is running again. Wifey drove it home. Thursday I had set up an alignment as he had put 2 tires on it a week ago. My wife goes to Walmart Wednesday night, and has 2 more put on it another $200.00. Well we take it to be aligned, and they find the lower control arm bushings are shot. Can't align it. Bushings are $10.39 each off Rock Auto. Auto Zone can't get just the Bushings. But they can get the lower control arms, complete with outer ball joints $100.00 ea. Since the ball joint boots are shot on ours I went ahead, and bought the control arms. And installed them Thursday. The alignment shop didn't have time to align it Thursday. So I now have about $700.00 and almost a week invested, and I did a shoe string alignment to get it close, and sent him home with it. So Happy Futchin Spring Break!!!! I never even got close to working on my car. Which was the plan for the whole week I figured I'd damn near have a car by the end of the week. HA HA HA HE HE!!!!!!! Damn I'm Funny!  Confused
Good Luck with yours.

Ahh, PATS.  I was having key fob issues with my 2012 Ram last week, so I went to Batteries + Bulbs and had the batteries swapped.  Well, one fob had a tear in the rubber 'button area,' which is why I hadn't ever really used it, and I guess I just wore out the other one these past 7 years, since even with a new battery, it wasn't wanting to cooperate.  After using the key to open the door one morning and listening to the alarm/horn going off until I was able to finally get it to defeat, I decided to take 'em both apart and swap the guts... which I did that evening, and now I have a functional fob again (they were kind of funky inside, and some of the little discs had shifted under the covers - so I cleaned thoroughly and glued 'em back in-place).  I would've thought that using the keylock to unlock and open the door, and putting the key into the ignition would've defeated the alarm/horn, but no... not so much.  Fortunately, there's no chip embedded in the keys, but my wife's Camaro is a different story. ;)

Years ago, my Mom's '96 T-bird lost the driver side ball joint (I noticed her front tire was sitting oddly while parked in front of our house when she was visiting one day).  Same deal - O'reilly's only had the loaded lower control arm for $120, but had to order the $10 ball joint itself and would take a few days.  It only took me about an hour to swap out the whole lower control arm (while doing it in the street!) and she was back on the road.  Even after the new one would've shown up, I would've had to drill out the pop-rivets on the factory control arm to swap-in the new one.  Sometimes, it's just more 'worth it' to pony up for the whole enchilada (in time saved vs. waiting for days just to save a couple bucks).

Bummer about your time off getting diverted from the Mach 1... that's how most of my Christmas/New Years' break went (doing stuff other than working on the project you budgeted the time for).  It all worked out in the end, though.  "Jeep Week 2021" was a solid 8 days of wrenchin' on the Jeeps, weather be damned.... and not something I think I'll be up to doing again any time soon (hence, my desire to get mine squared away sooner than later).

Thanks for the kind words for Mom - hope you get some time for you, now!

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