What is this ? and where to find ?
Oh yes, now I remember.  The horns sort of look out of place there on the shock tower.  There is no room on the radiator support to relocate them to?
I hadn't really looked too closely - I was just thinking that either side of the hood latch support bracket pointing forward and downward would be a good spot and make the horns just that much louder.  I'd also thought of mounting them to the inboard walls of the headlight boxes (still in the space behind the grille, just more 'out of the way' than the hood latch support).  I don't know - it'll be fun working that out.  I'll have a lot of things going on that day: A/C idler pulley/bracket/belt installation, H4 headlights and headlight relay circuit installation, radiator overflow bottle installation, paint and install the Ram Air air cleaner, and the fuel injection system which will require relocating the washer bottle/tank and horns ("maybe" on the horns... the washer bottle/tank definitely needs a new home).

My pal Dave is coming in from Phoenix, and he's a gearhead as well. He just bought an '18 Mustang GT (upgraded from his '15), but hasn't had a project car in a long time... so, he's itchin' to wrench on the Mustang.

But first - car show on Saturday, so Friday will be lots of detailing.  Then the obligatory pics, of course.
The rest of the car show pics are in another thread, but here's the starting point for all the stuff I mentioned I have planned for tomorrow once we get back from the exhaust shop.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=12745]
What car is getting an exhaust?
Needed to get a bung welded in for the Edelbrock's E-Street O2 sensor on the Mach 1.  Just got back from the exhaust shop, and that part's all done.  Now I'm scratchin' my head trying to decide if I want to start with the A/C idler pulley brackets or the fuel injection.  The personal on-board purge valve has been working overtime, however (from all the Tex-Mex we've been devouring the past few days - apparently, Phoenix doesn't have much of a foodie scene).  

Might have to do some strategic planning for effective project management.  Stay tuned.

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