Okay, I'm up to date as far as the thread goes.

What's the latest with the Jacobra?

Please tell me that you have accomplished more on it than I have on my projects!
Well I finally have the firewall, and floors completely done all welded in, and finished out. And even sprayed undercoating down before I install the sound deadener, similar to boom mat. I keep trying, but something always seems to get in the way. We started School the 13th of August, and guess what I got countless hugs, from all the little ones, many of them call me "Pa" as do my Granddaughters, so now I'm a lot of little ones "Pa". And there's no way I can refuse a hug to them. So at the end of the first week I got Covid. Yippee Yippee, Yeay Yeay. It wasn't any worse then any other Flu, except after the first 3 days I started to feel good, but the energy just wouldn't come back. I'd get up and do 5 minutes work, and be on the couch for 2 hours. It was absolute maddening! Finally the 13th day I started to feel about 95% and then had to go 5 hours away, and move my son back to Tuckerman. So not much has gotten done since. Next is the wiring and dash from the parts car. then The engine and transmission and finalize all that. With the drivetrain. 

Here's a few pics. Sorry I can't get the pics figured out but I was looking and most of the ones I wanted are already in the last couple threads I wrote on the Jacobra. so look back a page or two and you should see the progress. 


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Glad to hear that you are doing okay!

I had my bout with it back in December of 2020.  I got it the week of the 13th and was hit hard.  I couldn't breath and talk at the same time - so I chose not to talk.  :)  It sapped all my energy for that week but the following week I had to make a lengthy trip.  My wife and daughter also got it the same week but by the Grace of God they flew through it.  My lasting issue was a rash on my lower legs and feet.  

Glad to hear that you are making some albeit slow progress on the Jacobra.  Keep at it!

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