Try This
Seeing how now I am a 'Posting Freak' rather than 'Senior Member' how does this grab you?

I built it 20+ years ago as a camping radio and seat. Water resistant base and foam padded top. As you can see Alpine front end running AM/FM/CD plus ALPINE 6 stack CD plus CB radio (currently removed). Music output about 25w (RMS).
Self powered for about 5 or 6 hours plus will run from the car's 12v system. Will recharge from house mains or the car as you drive.
The CB aerial stores in a tube with in when not in use and the badly photographed radio aerial is plain telescopic - manual operation.
It is tough enough to jump on and will handle a static UDL of about 200kg.
Construction is 12mm MDF apart from the top which is 18mm.
2 x 7Ah batteries internal - it will also broadcast the CD stacker for about 2 car lengths - all the surrounding vehicles can tune into it.
Remote control for volume, disc and track.

How freaky is that? I call it my 'Lug-able Radio' as it is too heavy to be 'Portable'. In the pipeline is 'Son of Lug-able' with 2 pairs of 6x9 three ways, DVD player and fully automatic aerial.

How do yo like them apples?

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I was going to say you are a little nuts? But that might be to kind of a statement. It's obvious you have a "fetish" for all things electronic. I know a little about electronics and sound manipulation but you take it to a whole new level. And "nuts" might just be a little to kind. LOL. At least your passionate, and it looks functional. I Bow to the Master! a humbled,

JTS 71 Mach1

PS who gave you the "Posting Freak" Moniker?
Thanks JTS - I did put in a bit of effort to build it. You think that is nuts? Try asking the bloke who earnt himself a 2km walk for slamming my car door! I like to think of myself as single minded.

I have no idea who changed me from 'Senior Member', which I much preferred. I would invite them to change it back!!
Well it had to be one of the Moderators? Not sure I couldn't figure out who did it when I looked at it last night. JTS 71 Mach1
I agree with the "Single Minded" attitude. I also get kinda nuts when people slam the door, or want to sit on the fender, that's what they make chairs for A hole! I once made my exwife walk about a mile. Looking for her keys, after she had let my infant son play with them and he threw them out the window. Does that count?
JTS 71 Mach1

I adjusted your "Status"
Thanks for fixing my status.
Yep, doors close, not slam. If it needs slamming it needs fixing.
And sit on your own damn car!
Having the ex walk to find keys - wonderful - very single minded.
The more we exchange the more I would love a face-to-face!
Yeah I bet we'd be Mates! Without a doubt. I just can't swim that far anymore, and I don't really like boats, just not my cup of tea so to say. JTS 71 Mach1
Fixed it JTS71 Mach1 : )

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Must admit I saw what I thought I saw.

Thanks again for correcting it from - Spanish?
Looked like Mexican but I know you aren't from Victoria so couldn't leave it that way : )

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