Speaker Mounting 101
So there I was roaming through the site when I saw I had mentioned 'Speaker Mounting 101' - here it is.

There are only two methods of speaker installation:
1) Infinite Baffle
2) Base Reflex.

In essence 1) refers to sealing the frame of the speaker on a board/baffle of infinite size. This prevents the 'compressed' air, caused by the speaker cone moving forwards, from rushing round to the rear of the cone and cancelling the sound.
In practice this ends up being a sealed box on a shelf or on the floor.
Base Reflex (2) is mounting the speaker in an enclosure with a tube as a 'vent'. Many house sub-woofers have this feature.
By balancing the volume of the tube to the volume of the enclosure the speaker can have an enhanced performance at particular (usually lower) frequencies.
There are articles on speaker cabinet design that have graphs indicating the best size ratio between the two.

Cars tend to utilise the first method, either in the door or rear parcel shelf. The problems usually relate to air gaps round the speaker frame or panel flex. Either can/will adversely affect speaker performance.
Careful solid mounting can solve the first problem. Remanufacture of trim cards in 6mm MDF is a trick I have used in the past with success. The card is mounted to the vehicle with draft excluder strips to get a really good seal. Using the boot (trunk) as a speaker enclosure is pretty good as any escaping air then has to get back into the cabin.
Door mounting is compromised by air escaping round the window channel back into the cabin, getting a good seal on the inner door metal and panel flex.
Great improvement can be achieved by sound deadening products correctly applied.
Base reflex mounting in a vehicle is not possible without building custom enclosures - I have a friend who spend two week-ends making enclosures for the front speakers of his Suzuki. They were volume correct and fitted under the dash. Great sound but too much trouble for me!
Wow way more to a great sounding system then I would have ever thought of. Reminds me of the liner notes written in one of My "Boston" albums, where the guy was describing the sound "Boston" was able to create. and attributed it to the band members, that were actually sounds engineers before they started the group. I guess if you want to create great sounding music you need to know how it works. JTS 71 Mach1
I have an album of theirs - That 'More Than a Feeling' track never gets old!
Couple that with Georgia Satellite's 'Keep Your Hands to Yourself' and you have a real party starter!
Yeah I agree totally, but somehow I could never keep my hands to my self. My wife of 35 years will tell you, I'm the smoothest man she ever met I had her 2/3 of the way out of her clothes before she realized what was going on! As My father told me many years ago. You catch more flies with Honey then you do Vinegar, and I learned to spread the Honey Thick! JTS 71 Mach1
A man among men! I am very impressed! And you like all the right music. Add in Tone Loc, Clarence Carter?
I counter with Drift Away by Dobie Gray and Raise you, Knights in White Satin! LOL. JTS 71 Mach1
Rushing back to the main plot:

Top picture: Top center down-
Black trim I did not have to remove
Parcel shelf metal
Frame of original cr#p speakers.
That air gap is enough to destroy most of the bass response.

Second picture: Original and 6mm MDF rear shelf trim resting on the new vinyl.

Third picture: Untrimmed shelf on place - Held by the rear seat belt bolts. The new speaker appears to have a gap on the far side. It is actually a 'washer' made of the same MDF and sprayed flat black. It then becomes part of the speaker mounting and completes the required air seal. The square hole is an out going air vent - not in any way connected to the underside of the speakers.

Oh, and JTS, I would hope to take the hand with Phil Collins' 'One More Night' Extended Re-mix!

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Honestly, I have never given that much thought to the sound of music in my cars - but this all good to know.
PLEASE - Don't tell me you played the 'Sound of Music' sound track in your car.
At least not one of your Mustangs!
Back to the Hand, I believe Long Time / Foreplay By Boston Turned up real good, with all the Bass you can stand. Trumps them all !!!

By the way wasn't the "Sound of Music" a Musical??? Not the kind of thing we would listen to in a car? JTS 71 Mach1

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