Oil Dipstick Tube
Hopefully this thread will be simple and short. My dipstick tube was broken off at the rib. I've got the top piece and the dipstick. I was able to pull the bottom half of the tube about 1 1/2" out easily. Now it is stuck. The replacement doesn't have anything that seems it would catch in the block. Do I just need to get tough and yank it or is there a trick to remove the original dipstick tube?

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There is most likely a slight bend in the tube, that is causing it to stick in the block. It's a straight tube that just pushes in place. Get a good grip on it, and wiggle it back and forth as well as trying to turn it some, all the while pulling up on it, and eventually it will come out. Hope it helps JTS 71 Mach1
That sounds about right JTS. The big problem is always being able to obtain and maintain grip with a suitable device.
It always seems that there is another part right where you need to work!!
Well how's your oil pan gasket? Is it leaking a little ? Maybe its time to replace it. I have see them stuck and have gotten them out. But the amount of time messing with it, sometimes I think it would have been quicker to pull the pan off and killed two bird with one stone. Good luck.
Cheers John. http://mach1club.com/images/smilies/Smil...mthink.gif
Took the ALT off since I had to remove a bolt to get the dipstick tab secure anyways. Gave me plenty of room to yank that beast out.

Got the oil and FMX pan gasket kits on the work bench. It's leaking in the front and rear. I removed the inspection plate to make sure it wasn't the rear main causing oil back there. My 3rd member gasket has been holding on but the pinion seal started leaking a couple weeks ago.

Trying to get it together enough to get it over to the welding garage. Time to cut out the old and put in a new full floor pan. I only need where the feet go on all four seats. By the time I weld those four in I'd have welded a full new one in twice. Then I don't have anything to worry about in the future floor pan wise.

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