Rapid-Fix Product
Just tried this stuff of a plastic moulding. AMAZING!! Works as well as shown in the video.
A trick I used was to Super Glue first and then use the R-F on the reverse to reinforce. Strong as * and sandable if required.
I also fixed spot lamp mounts on by BMW some years back - I just did not remember how good this stuff is.
Another tip is to do the repair over a sheet of paper so spilt powder can be returned to the little bottle rather than thrown away.
Did you mean to add a link or a bit more product information?

I recently tried to repair a plastic latch on my Super Duty but ended up ordering a new one.
Their website is: www.rapid-fix.com
Happy to share my experience with the product. Can be filed. drilled and tapped once set. I also scrape the area the stuff will have to stick to to get rid of any mold release etc.
Now that is an amazing advertisement!

It looks like it should be available at the local (in the U.S.) hardware store. I'll have to pick up a kit.
Wow that is some neet stuff. Looks like J-B Weld may have met it's match. I've never heard of the stuff? but it says it's made in the USA? If it works anywhere near as good as it shows, it will be great stuff. Any Idea the cost? JTS 71 Mach1
It is about Au$35 for the pack as shown on the video.
I do repairs over a fresh sheet of A4/Letter printer paper and return powder spills to the bottle.
The product does not flex once set so a self tapping screw may split it. I have bonded the 'tube' the self tappling screw was in back to the moulding with great results. But as I said - Super Glue first to hold parts in place and scrape the areas clean to get rid of any mold release.
It can be sanded and painted too, although I tend to use it under a repair where it cannot be seen to add strength to the repair. I use it a lot on interior trims so the underside is not so important.
I would drill the ends of cracks (1/16") in wash/overflow bottles before using the product too. Again appearance not so important there.
I looked for it at my local hardware store while I was across the border last week but could not find it. I wanted to try it out on a fan shroud.

I'll look again next time I am out.

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