Front suspension coil removal DIY
After searching Internet for procedure to safely remove Mustang front suspension coils with inner tool, I found many people talking about a dangerous repair, then after doing the job I decided to write this DIY.
I am not an expert mechanic, I do care a lot for safety and I try to use common sense as much as possible.
I saw videos on Internet with two experts doing this job and almost got hurt because a lack of care, “too experts” for my opinion.
Some others describe all tools that you need internal compressor, some washers and pipes to fill the gap of compressor tool, jack, jack stands and 7/8” key or socket and ratchet.
Internal compressor:

Coil compressed using pipe filler:

Before start let´s think in this, if compressor tool needs pipes to fill gap, why they don’t come with the kit?.
In that way I installed compressor tool upside down, or for me, in correct position, so:
1. Jack your beloved Mustang and install jack stand on frame.
2. Remove tire.
3. Remove shock.
4. Now install coil compressor tool, I found hard to introduce tool by motor bay opening so I unscrewed one bolt for a hook putting into hole and once is inside reassembling tool. Notice that there are longer arms than others so match them with spring lower or higher parts and tighten by hand from motor bay.

5. Place your jack below lower control arm and rise it, spring will compress with little effort, jacking force, tighten screw by hang from motor bay while rising. Once is fully raised, do some turns with key in order to have tight and reduce some length.

6. At this point all spring force is maintained in position by jack, safety issues are no problem because spring coil can’t get out of position, is maintained by upper support and saddle. You have screwed compressor tool so you can slowly lower your jack and force will be transferred from jack to compressor tool, pay attention for tool slide off, if that happens, raise jack and reposition tool. When jack is released you will have a compressed coil ready to take out of car, put it somewhere away from personnel (YES a lot of force is there), I did a saddle change and new rubber insulators.

7. Reinstall in reverse order.

Hope this helps.

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Nice write up. I haven't tried using the spring compressor upside down.

FYI Spring Perches: Scott Drake offers spring perches with a different style bushing that allows free rotation of the spring perch on the shaft and has a grease fitting for servicing. They are fairly priced. For higher end spring perches Open Tracker Racing offers perches with roller bearings on the shaft instead of a rubber bushing. Those are pricey but they get excellent reviews by those that have installed them.

Thanks for that info, next time I will search for them.

Best regards.

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