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So yesterday the kiddos and I cleaned and tested the air filter case. Then we replaced the air filter. They loved it and we had a blast.

So here is what I'm doing next and wanted to get some opinions. It's for a 73 Mach1 with a 351 2V and FMX transmission. As of right now there are no leaks.

Change Oil - Have a Motorcraft filter and Castrol 10W-30 High Mileage. Any opinions on the type of oil? Is this okay or would you add something completly different? I'm a fan of full synthetics and still a bit leery on the high mileage oils. Had a bad run in a decade ago with using it in my F150.

Transmission - Since we got the car running the drove it about 5 miles. Top speed was 40 mph. I don't have any slipping, clunking, ect. I want to drain and replace the transmission fluid. I've read the types and specs I should add. What would you recommend? Anymore on the bottles they don't post the type and spec numbers. Just that it's ATF. Also interested if you think I should add a 24 oz bottle of Lucas Transmission Fix or something else completely different.

Cooling System - Going to drain the radiator and block. Then flush the system. What would you fill it back up with? Again would you add any treatment?

Rear End - Again drain and replace the fluid. Recommendations on the fluid? Anything else you would add?

Spark plugs are are the list after all that. The car isn't going to be driven much after all this is done. At the most it will go 10-15 miles one way for the next year. Here's my plan after this servicing:

1. Rear suspension.
2. Front suspension.
3. Steering.
4. Brakes.
5. Anything the engine, transmission, and rear diff may need.

This way it's a safe driver until I can get to the cosmetics oneday.

Hi ejnonamaker,
Shame you did not put your geographic location in your bio. Ambient temperatures can affect my answer.

Personally I would use Castrol 20w-50 in your car. The car was not designed for thinner oils, even when new. Synthetic or Dino makes no odds. Quality name brand oils changed regularly is the way to go.

Transmission: Castrol TQF, same for power steering if you have that option.

Power Steering: It's messy but I suggest taking off the return pipe and getting one of your kids to hold a finger on the end if the tube. Let the pipe flow into a tin and flush the system. Takes about 1 &1/2pints. Refit the tube and top up as normal.

Rear Axle: Castrol 90 weight EP or LSD type, depending on your options.

Cooling System: Any name brand coolant (avoid the cheap stuff). Either Type A or B, your car is old enough for it to make no difference. If you buy concentrate use Distilled Water to dilute it.

I use Castrol as a brand loyalty thing. It has not let me down yet. No car maker recommends anything other than the oils / fluids. I don't use additives - up to you. IMO good products don't need them.

My $0.02 worth.
I think M1ff has given you the best overall answer. In my opinion Castrol is an excellent line of products for all your cars needs. If you went with a different brand. The most important thing to remember is, the FMX transmission definitely needs a type F fluid. you may have to do some looking to find it, and then again any major brand will do the job. Good luck with the servicing and tune up. JTS 71 Mach1
Thanks, all for the recommendations. I'm having a heck of a time finding Type F fluid. Everything is multi vehicle, dex, merc, or dex/merc. That's what I want to use though so the search will continue.

I'm in Weirton, West Virginia. Seems to be big Castrol country. Use to be Quaker State until the refinery switched to ERGON. I've always been a Valvoline fan since that's what my grandfather used. Was going to go with 10W-30. Like the recommendation!

Thanks for the tip on the power steering. I'm also adding the brakes. Going to clean out the res and lines and add new fluid. It's got a new master cylinder and I bleed the brakes before driving it home. New fluid was coming out but just for piece of mind I guess.
Good recommendations have been given above.

Your plan after the immediate fluid changes also sounds like a sound one.

I have seen Type F at Walmart stores.

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