Old School vs New School...
I like the new 'Stangs well enough...but i think I still like the classics better!

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I'll have to agree.

In a few years the new Mustang will be another used Mustang, the classic - just that much better.

Nice photo comparison!
Xlnt photo. I'm old school (even if that year is not my favourite shape).
The newbie looks like an oversize Mitz Lancer Evo or a weird Dodge, IMO.
As far a body comparison the classic cars stand alone especially in their identity. The new car bodies seem to blend together with other manufacturer models. Sometimes I see a newer Mustang coming down the road and as it gets nearer I see that it is a Camaro and then when it finally passes I realize it was a Charger!

From a performance and safety standpoint the new cars have an obvious advantage over the classics. So if you happen to own a classic and new Mustang you have the best of both worlds.

I totally agree: most new cars today from each design 'category' tend to look much alike. The new Mustang is attractive enough, but it does look remarkably similar to a new Hyundai Genesis coupe...also an attractive car. The new Camaro looks different, but shares enough similarity of appearance to show that they are from the same era.

Our classics look great to us ( and others) because they have a clearly different design DNA that is not shared by modern cars.

However, when our 'classics' were nothing more than current-model cars they possessed the same design DNA as most of thier then-current competition. A classic Mach 1 is a thing of beauty...but then so is a '70 Callenger R/T convertible.
And to me, a 68-70 Charger...Bill Browlie's legendary design contribution to the automotive world...has got to be one of the most perfect designs ever. I think it is impossible to take a photo from a 'bad angle' on that car. Gorgeous.
But there were dozens of cars back then that were all gorgeous...they all shared a basic design DNA, and it somehow makes them all a part of the same 'group'.
Back then, a '69 Mach 1, a '70 442, a '71 Roadrunner could get somewhat "lost" in a sea of similarly-styled cars. But today...45-50 years later...thier rarity makes each one a unique thing of beauty.

Imagine a pristine, totally stock-appearing 2015 Mustang GT, or maybe a 2015 Challenger Hellcat ( today's BOSS 429 in my opinion) driving around your town in the year 2060! That is the equivalent of driving our classics today.
That 2015 Mustang would be just as revered by many as an all-time favorite, and a thing of joyous beauty amongst the sea of whatever other design in cars will have become prevelant by that year.
(06-23-2015, 11:57 PM)Kit Sullivan Wrote: Imagine a pristine, totally stock-appearing 2015 Mustang GT, or maybe a 2015 Challenger Hellcat ( today's BOSS 429 in my opinion) driving around your town in the year 2060! That is the equivalent of driving our classics today.

Thus making our classic cars of today look like Model A's 578254
I still think the '15 looks like a 2 door Evo on steroids

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