72 Q Code - No NASA
So I took a look at the window sticker for my Mach today. This was a total pick and choose build and would explain the flat hood with a Q motor/4 speed setup Kit and Mr. 4x4 noticed. Pretty cool.

Here are photocopies of the window sticker. The originals are still in the original owners safe deposit box. Should have them in a week or so.



So far I've had to fix the temp sending unit and the thermostat seemed a bit .."slow"....if that makes any sense. Just took too long to bring it down so I replaced it. Took a nice long drive in it today with my sister and her man. Ran like a top. I put it up on jack stands tonight so I can go thru the underneath tomorrow.

Lovin' this thing guys. I cant go anyplace without someone talking to me about it.Biggrin
That's pretty cool having a plain straight forward list of what it came with. I've seen a lot of discussion about the Nasa/ Naca hood and it doesn't seem to come with any certain package, it almost looks like you had to be sure to check the box for the hood to get it??? As there are lots of Mach1's that don't have it. Just an observation? I'm sure there's a rhyme or reason to it but I sure haven't found it. JTS 71 Mach1
That is real awesome you have that documentation with your car. Nice selection of options... Let us know how the underside looks.
The NASA hood was standard on 351 and 429 MACH 1's.
It would not be listed on the window sticker
Does have some nice options - enjoy
More than likely, the ordering dealer had to check off a certain box on the order sheet NOT to get the scooped hood, as all '71-'73 mach-1's came standard with the scooped hood with 351 or larger engines. To see a 351 equipped car that was delivered with the standard hood is downright unusual. I've seen lots of F-code mach-1's with the standard hood, so it appears that a lot of people who special ordered F-code mach-1's didn't really care for the scooped hood, OR, they didn't care one way or the other. 4C Ivy Glow was a popular color option in '72-'73. My dad had a '72 Q-code mach-1 in that color. It was a C-6 car with A/C and white deluxe interior. My brother has a '73, has had it since 1984. It too, is ivy glow with avocado deluxe interior. 43,000 miles, original paint, interior, etc..... He bought it as a novelty when he graduated from college. The car is almost flawless. He won't drive it though, as he has other rides : '58 Edsel Roundup (2-door wagon), '70 nova SS, and an '85 GMC lowrider pickup. (Has varied interests)
By the way, I don't know if anyone else noticed, but your 3-spoke rim-blow steering wheel is not on your factory invoice. It would be listed as an extra-cost option.Headscratch
Strictly speaking, that car should have come with the scooped hood, as all 351 or 429 Mach 1s came with it as standard equipment.
However, there are several possible explanations for it to have a flat hood:

1) special ordered that way. Doesn't seem likely as there is no notice of that on the window sticker.
2) factory freak/ mistake: possible, but would need clear absolute proof it came from Ford that way to be authebticated.
3) dealer switcheroo: plausible...many dealers would switch out parts from one inventory car to another to make a sale. For instance, if a possible customer was buying an ivy glow convertible and wanted a scooped hood, the dealer could have swapped hoods from this ivy glow Mach 1. They would both have matching factory original paint, so the originality of the paint would remain intact.
4) accident: original hood could have been damaged and replaced inadverently with a flat hood early in its life.

Kind of a strange car if actually ordered this way. Why option the sidestripes and the Magnums, two obvious performance-looking options, and then delete the performance-looking hood?

I suspect it is not the original hood.
And it doesn't seem like such an odd "pick and choose" car to me. It is a nicely optioned 4-speed mach. Seems like an "executive" hot rod to me.
So I talked to the original owner and here is the story:

The dealership had an F code automatic (302 as he put it) in Ivy Glow on the lot and it was probably a '71 (this car was a pre-order in December of '71). He really liked it but wanted a 4 speed and 351 (as you should). He told the dealer "I want this exact car but"...with the options listed above. I looked at a few other window stickers from '72 and the hood is a listed item on the build as "NASA-Type Hood Scoops" at NC which is not present on my sticker.


So it looks like they started with an F code and added what he wanted. I can say for a 100% certainty he took delivery of this car with that hood. I have seen a pic from the day he picked it up and its on there. However, I am not excusing that something else could have happened prior to that. But knowing the guy like I do, if he picked up the car and he was expecting the scooped hood he would have not taken delivery. This guy will send back a steak if its a shade too rare. I stress that this guy and I go way back and I have never had any reason to doubt anything he has ever said in the 43 years I have known him.

As far as the steering wheel goes I have not gotten to the bottom of that one. Could it be part of the "Mach 1 Sports Interior Option"?

I'm going to get the guys at Marti to do some digging for me cause I am completely baffled.
Unlike 1971, all '72 and '73 mustangs came equipped with the deluxe two spoke wheel - as evidenced by your invoice. It was standard equipment. The 3-spoke rim-blow wheel was not part of any option "package". It was a separate, exclusive option.
Additionally, my invoice lists the tachometer as an option. Your car has the tach, but, it too, is not on the invoice. ???????
Gettin' weirder by the minute. It's probably some sort of left over car made from spare parts that others shunned. Probably cursed too. If the thing starts driving by itself I'm getting it exorcised.

Hopefully one day I can get to the bottom of it.

I think the tach was included equipment when the 4-speed was ordered. Maybe...
And I think the "nasa type hood scoops" @"NC" was only listed on the window sticker if optioned on a 302 mach 1. It was standard on 351s so might not be listed on those cars.

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