wiring problem
Got a 1971 mach 1 351. Having issues with my dash and running lights. hope to get fixed as I have a mini show/trip.
Dash lights are very hard to see in these models. Make sure your light knob is turned up. If you can replace with LED lights they make a heck of a difference but still not great but better than incandescent globes though.
Good luck...keep us posted.

We are glad to have you check in with us. Have you owned your 71 for long? Feel free to share some of your story with us.

Wiring problems can be aggravating but sometimes there are simple solutions. If you need help give us a shout. Sometimes "two heads" are better than one.

(08-27-2014, 03:11 PM)mattchew Wrote: Got a 1971 mach 1 351. Having issues with my dash and running lights. hope to get fixed as I have a mini show/trip.

Are the lights all dimmed out? Maybe you can pull out the dimmer switch and then connect the red and red/black wire to each other then check out the light - if you see it then the problem is found. Had this happen to me a year ago or more. I could not find out how to fix it even I know something about cars, I thought it was TNS Relay or LA12. Eventually, with friend`s recommendation help I found a guy (from hereĀ https://bates-electric.com/locations/charleston-sc/ but he came as a private specialist not from his company) and he fixed the issue. He explained something like this that the TNS relay feeds the TAIL fuse and if the TAIL fuse is powered, it means that voltage on both sides of the fuse, and a tail, marker, dash, etc. lights are turned on, in other words, try to check the dimmer switch and the relay
welcome! Hope you figure out the lighting problem. Mine are dim too and i just replaced all the lights with newer peanut bulbs. Its as good as its going to get without switching to LEDs for sure.
LEDs are definitely the way to go man. I just replaced mine a couple months ago and now I see all the guages perfectly at night. Literally just plug them in.

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