What do my fellow Mach lovers think?
Found this car.. 2003 Mach 1 torch red 5spd, it has 68k miles on it.

The price they are asking is $16,999 it's from a dealer.

I think that's a bit high, take a look at it and let me know what y'all think about a price... To offer?? It runs around $12,800 to $14,500
*excellent condition on KBB

It has Saleen style wheels... Looks like 18"s and a spring kit of some kind.

I know if the tires are pretty new, the set of wheels and tires cost around $1500.

Let me know????

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That is definitely a nice looking car and it looks real clean to me...and it has relatively low miles on it, too. But, it's hard to assess a car by pictures alone since cars are generally pretty photogenic. How was the test drive?

Personally, I would not pay more than the KBB value. Obviously, the dealer wants to make the most money possible so here's my thought. They HAVE to sell cars but you DON'T HAVE to buy them. So make your best reasonable offer based upon the research you did and see if they will take it. If they don't accept leave them your contact information in case they change their mind and keep looking.
I agree with Mike.

My dad sold cars for years and the salesmen either sell cars or lose their jobs. Car lots either sell cars or close down. They will always mark up a mustang because it is an American classic. That car is nice and cleaned up, but every car from a car lot will be the same.

There is nothing that seems so special about that car to pay 2500 more than the top KBB price. However it is your money and regardless of how much you spend on something your happiness with what you bought is only measured by you.

Thank you guys, I really appreciate both of y'all's input.

Mike, I think I am going to do that. Offer them a price I see fit and see if they take it, I was reading y'all's responses to my pop and he was telling me about when he was younger he and his pop were the best salesmen on the lot the worked at, so I am going to have him go with me with his wisdom and experience to see what he can get them down to. I'm a machanic so I deffentlly know the importance of inspecting a car in person and finding the little things that are a little off and also a test drive will really be important. I'm out of town with my pop bowling a tournament right now, when we get back we are going to go take a look at it. My machanical knowalage and his wisdom about sales should help quite a bit on lowering the price.

Todd and Son, you are right... That car would make me really happy but I also don't want to over pay. 2500 over KBB is way to much, I think I'm going to offer them 11000 cash and see what they counter with... This is depending on the test drive and what my pop can get them down to talking to them. I have a lot of faith in my pop and me looking at it ... He helped me get a truck that was priced 4500 for 1500 due to tires and such that I pointed out.

Once again I really appreciate both of you giving me a honest oppion and not just saying " yeah that's too much" or something like that!

Thank you guys and God bless

Hey..thanks for the kind words. I am sure the dealer will come down on the price. Please keep us updated on your search.
Thank you BLACK JADE 69,

They do offer the free carfax and also it's a carfax buy back guarantee. But after you said that I went to the website and looked up the free carfax. It says it's worth 150 more then average but it's been in a accident... Carfax says the accident has been calculated into the above average price.... What do y'all think?? I'm going to be very cautious when I go to look at it. Also really going to use that to my advantage when talking price.

They also offer a warranty... A one month 1000 miles.. And also a 5 day buy back if I don't like it....

It sounds like you are really interested in the car.

Since the car has been in an accident, you need to look at all the body lines and gaps. You want to make sure the gaps in the hood, doors, trunk, fenders, quarters and bumpers are even. You don't want to see large or uneven gaps. That would be a sign of a harder hit in an accident opposed to a minor fender bender. Second, you should inspect the undercarriage of the car. You want to make sure there is no sign of damage or signs of repair work. Finally, when or if you test the drive the car just pay close attention to unusual noises and how the drives. And make sure you get it up to full highway speed. Be very thorough and take your time. You may also want to bring another person who has experience to help you.

If you are comfortable with everything then use the Carfax report as leverage in negotiating a lower purchase price. Remember there are other cars out there. Good luck and keep us posted.

As has all ready been stated, I too think that they are asking more than the car is actually worth. The biggest factor is the accident. How badly was it damaged and where. The next question would be as to the quality of the repair.

Regardless it has crippled the resale value of the car especially if you ever decide to sell it. The probability of the wreck was also due to hard or inexperienced driving which is a factor to consider for the car as a whole.

I believe you will find better value for the money if you can wait it out or get the price down to where it belongs for that car.

Regardless - all the best.
WEEEELLLLL THE FREAKING BANK SAID THE MACH ONE IS TO FREAKING OLD!!! Damn it!! It has to be no older then seven years old! So I bought a 2014 5.0 GT. I will get a Mach one day though! I'll post pics later I guess...

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